Become the self-confident, self-assured man that feminists love to hate – Return Of Kings

Become the self-confident, self-assured man that feminists love to hate – Return Of Kings

Yeah, I thought about it…he exhibits classic “daddy behavior” or “daddy chivalry” or “daddy feminism/gynocentrism.”

It’s the corner of the manosphere that the RedPill hasn’t covered yet, but I see it over and over and it’s become a nuisance. These Gen-Xers are almost as bad as Baby Boomers in their fake grain stories.

This type of “daddy chivalry” is distinct from (((cheating))) or simping.

This over-the-top blind protection for all young women because a divorced person sees them all as potentially his own [email protected]and thus projects the classic “devious intentions” of all other men towards his [email protected] (perhaps because of her own predatory behavior), and therefore does this self-flagellation to counter anti-feminism.

For example, the age-old image of a concerned father scowling at the shy, pimply prom date with the flowers in his hand, as his defiant daughter descends the stairs in lingerie… keeping all his suspicions for this corset-faced virgin and all the other men, instead of the white nature of her daughter $lut, who started doing bl0wjobs at age 13.

It’s the same type of creep that claps 12-year-old boys (expressing her bizarre envy) who get mugged by 30-year-old female teachers, as she gets a slap on the wrist, but demands the [email protected] penalty for the 21-year-old assistant coach hitting the 17-year-old cheerleader.

I have news for you, Mr. Father of the Year, your [email protected] is already on his knees doing dirty things…to really disreputable, older guys. Sorry, but you have to face reality. Stop flaunting your quaint virgin escape old man! [email protected] that must be protected. It’s worse than InCels’ young vidya breakout.

Instead of letting anyone identify the problem, you’re just doing the Glenn Beck/Alex Jones thing of blaming “GMOs, free trade, the Federal Reserve” and all the other unrelated harmlessness to look away from the gynocentrism.

Notice how he pathologized me? Classic Freudian-Marxist invective. This passive-aggressive sneakiness. Total b!tch move that he didn’t have the courage to use on his ex-wife, with whom he is still “friends”. Ha, she’s mad at you…and for good reason. You are a virus. I’ve never seen a man defend the terms of his own divorce that he didn’t win.

Look at our feed. He literally can’t stand anyone criticizing women. His wife left him and he ALWAYS stands up for her. She’s back on the c0ck carousel (if she ever got off of it), and he thinks she’s still dozing off, waiting to reunite with him.

He is the fantasy of the sleeping white knight who will not tolerate being awakened from his wet dream. This is where the repression of anti-feminism most virulently comes from – the bitter blue-piller bringing Christmas carols of defeatism and false happiness.

I realized that he and I tangled on the issue of women’s combat also because he has something to defend: his adolescence [email protected]

Something that won’t happen no matter what (women’s fight), but he’s so scared of his image [email protected] being hurt that he can’t even allow it to become a meme. So he goes wild with these sly compliments and passive-aggressive insults.

He will countersign and denigrate anything someone like me says because I’m ruining his IRL fantasy of having all the other men potentially under the thumbs of women like he was in his failed marriage because he doesn’t doesn’t want to sulk alone – he’ll even send young men to their deaths in a hypothetical war to protect feminists and Clown World. He considers it his duty to maintain gynocentrism because he foolishly considers himself invested in it simply because he has a [email protected]

I call it “The Cuckold Man’s Burden”.

You can see it in a few other guys here who were born in the early 1970s. Jordan Peterson’s fake macho, cuck0ldry erased. These clowns literally have fun blaming themselves and the male collective for the behavior of women and any other degeneracy for “letting it happen”. They cannot think otherwise. Their muscle memory won’t let them. That’s why they come after me. They look for feminist placebos to sate them when they read my posts because it makes them apoplectic.

To sum up: guys like him want to maintain their archaic fantasy of yesteryear, and they want us to pay for it.

God bless them though because maybe if I had a girl I could develop that pathetic instinct too, but I don’t… so I won’t.

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