11 Online Personalities You Should Follow – Return Of Kings

11 Online Personalities You Should Follow – Return Of Kings

Online personalities have contributed in many positive ways to shaping society, changing mindsets and encouraging more libertarian or conservative values. Since YouTube has become a well-known website, it has given way to new and better voices that have reached millions.

What is the irony that capitalism allowed these corporations to monopoly and then crush capitalism through total domination? Although there is pushback, it may not be enough. Censorship of right-wing voices is seemingly growing daily, and monopoly is clearly playing its part in it.

However, there are voices you may not have heard of. And you might want to follow them before they are potentially censored.

1. Score the dice

Mark Dice is known for his “conspiracy theories” about the Illuminati and secret Satanic organizations. Personally, I think some things are outlandish, but that’s just my point of view. However, he did humorous content in mainstream and mainstream media criticism. He’s also been big, more so in the past, criticizing mainstream pop culture and the political madness within it.

He has a very humorous t-shirt that he sells, which reads: “Liberalism: finding a cure”. It belongs to me. It’s good.

2. Red Ice Radio


Red Ice Radio, as they’ve discussed before, started out in the realm of “conspiracy theories,” questioning the powers that be and exploring a variety of topics. Over the years, they have explored the most impactful topics and discussed the taboo openly. They talked about the JQ (Jewish question), racial and demographic changes, the corruption of European governments, etc. They interviewed many controversial figures, including pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, white nationalist Richard Spencer and Holocaust revisionist David Cole.

They are a bold group and have influenced quite a few people. I happen to be one of them.

3. Barbara4u2c


This chick is, I admit, a little silly. But its content has become more nationalist and right-wing, politically speaking. I believe, given the lack of men who still have a backbone, that women can be used to rally comrades in this fight against world domination by means of government and the desire of leftists to open borders.

His material often deals with heavy content treated with a light vibe.

4. Charisma Matrix

This guy is big on body language and tone. His analysis, in terms of body language, of President Trump and President Putin is quite interesting and entertaining. He appears to be apolitical, so his analysis is unbiased and focuses more on the situation of the higher-status, alpha male.

Some gentlemen may find use in its contents. He seems like a real guy.

5. Mildly offensive*

I came across this cat not too long ago when he wasn’t as well known. And it looks like he got a little popular and even went on a show with Gavin McInnes.

He once described himself as a centrist. In truth, I would have been nice to be a centrist myself. However, as things stand, that’s not an option. And it is also the downfall of the West. You have to put a very strong hand on the company to make the operation work without tearing itself apart. Centrism can easily slide into liberalism and, of course, that mentality didn’t pan out very well.

He has great camera charisma and is a Trump supporter. So there’s definitely value to his character and what he does.

6. Hotep Jesus

Hotep Jesus is part of a movement of black men who have abandoned the anti-white worldview and embraced a better side for black men, which includes black fathers at home and not spreading their seed in the city . It’s a great move to see that brings relief in terms of racial tension.

Candice Owens is one of the new right-wing black voices, and it’s helping to rally comrades in the impending civil unrest that could surely (even briefly) afflict the West.

Hotep Jesus was even interviewed on Fox News after a hilarious video of him receiving a free Starbucks coffee due to ‘racism’. It was a stunt and demonstrated how silly the liberal mindset has become.

7. MGTOW Knowledge – Darius


I discovered this cat not so long ago. He is, by his looks, a millennial man who discovered the truth about women from a hard-hitting experiment. It mostly discusses gender and encourages men to go their own way given the dating arena and how fucked up everything is.

It seems to reap some bitterness, and reasonably so. It was hard myself when I finally understood the true nature of women. When a man discovers this (frankly, obvious) truth about the female gender, functioning properly in this uncovered environment can be of great benefit, lest you become an angry, lonely man.

He has some reasonable things to convey. Might be worth checking out.

8. Red Pill Philosophy


This guy is not new to the MGTOW movement. He has created content ranging from anti-feminism, politics of all kinds, to debates about flat Earth. He was once interviewed on Red Ice Radio about being a Cuban Trump supporter. He, like many others, had content removed from YouTube due to a “violation” of its terms of service.

I really appreciate his rhetoric. Seems like a cool guy to hang out with.

9. Avallone Hunter

I’m not too familiar with his entire career, but he’s produced some humorous content, including recently discussing the rise of ecosexuality.

He is a right winger and has decent content. Perhaps, however, geared more towards a millennial audience.

10. An ear for men

This gentlemen, who operates An Ear For Men, is another person giving sage advice to men in a time of utter disgust where gender roles have been shattered by today’s devilish manticore vermin, and men who allowed this culture switch to occur.

He discusses quite a few things ranging from breaking deals with women, how to train your wife, men and suicide, etc. He appears to be a reasonable man who understands the opposite sex quite well. His work is worth seeing, in my opinion.

11. Atheism is unstoppable


And finally, this man. This is a person whose account has been deleted many of times. It literally became the norm for him. He is an atheist and, yes, a liberal. He is perhaps one of the most reasonable liberals I have observed in some time now. Excellent social and political commentary and he exposed Cenk Uygur many times over his constant anti-white rhetoric.

He also recently had a good chat with Jared Taylor, and he seems to be accepting of racial IQ differences and how that affects society in general.


These are just a few voices you may not have heard of. I enjoy watching people discuss their view of the world and their approach to it. But, in the last months of 2018, the censorship intensified and seems to have created a snowball effect whose final results are still known.

Download online content from videos you find important and from people who help shed light on substantive issues. Document important things revolving around conservatism, government corruption, globalism, etc. And consider exploring other less popular websites to continue receiving information on the items mentioned above.

It’s an information war. InfoWars was right about that.

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