2 signs to identify a liberal in disguise – Return Of Kings

2 signs to identify a liberal in disguise – Return Of Kings

What is a liberal? What is a preservative? Many will have different words to describe these terms, and will often confuse them with Democrat or Republican.

A conservative does not have to be part of the Republican Party. A curator does not have to be a watchdog. A conservative could be a socialist at the nationalist level. Many have this dominant idea of ​​what a liberal and a conservative are. And many in the political arena fly under the conservative banner when in reality they are an opponent of the very foundation of conservatism. Maybe not today, or next year. But sooner or later, their adherence to liberalism will create a political and cultural snowball effect that will be the death of their frozen society.

So how do you identify a liberal in disguise or in denial?

1. They support women’s rights

I stick to the contention that allowing women to vote was a rotten judgment call on the part of men. And, to this day, there are “conservatives” who support this decision. Personally, I find it anti-conservative and pro-liberal to allow women to vote. This is not to hate them, but rather to recognize that they lack logic, which by their very nature means that they cannot vote in accordance with law and order, safety and to safety. It’s not complex; unless, of course, you are a woman in which you may not possess the intellect to grasp the larger societal implications in such a way.

Women like Ann Coulter or Faith Goldy are rare. A beautiful rarity, I might add. In truth, I would vote for Faith Goldy for mayor of Toronto. I don’t live there, but I would support an anti-immigration and pro-border woman. I would vote for Ann Coulter as President of the United States. They both have more spine than any contemporary Western man with a soft wrist. But, again, these are rarities.

Conservatism has a basis. He does not deviate from tradition. In ancient times, men dominated and women submitted, or were put in their place if they were too disobedient. Any man or woman who supports women’s suffrage, in terms of political power, is liberal-minded. Beware of those prancing around in right-wing circles who still cling to this delusional libertarian mentality. They are not conservative in their heart of hearts.

2. They support libertarianism

I would like to live in a libertarian society. How cool would that be? I can live as I want, and as long as I’m not hurting others, I’m free to be myself. What a glamorous fantasy!

This is a fantasy. That’s not how the real world works. If so, I would subscribe to this ideology. But human nature will never allow it. Passing this on, it strikes me as liberal as hell whoever dares to advocate for such a society. Not only do they defy human nature, but they move away from conservatism by giving far too much freedom, on such an irresponsible level, to the citizens of this established society. Libertarianism, along with communism and anarchy, are all ridiculous because they rest on a similar basis: human beings can get along and play nice.

Less government is, in my view, not the solution. I don’t like it, but my observations point me in that direction, consistent with maintaining public order. Some claim that the solution to the system is… no system? Sorry but that’s childish, stupid and crazy. It is an immature and irrational worldview based on madness.

Imagine this: we are all standing around and, just to our left, there is an open door. Inside are the controls for the whole company. The Libertarian says we’re all going to be fine and no one should walk through that door because “freedom” and “freedom” are totally hyped. Well, human nature will yield, and before the Libertarian can finish his piffle line, someone has already run inside that door, locked it, and is now the boss.

Libertarians aren’t really smart.

Warning: Dave Rubin is a young progressive

Personally, I have no qualms with Dave Rubin. He’s one of the reasons I found my way to conservatism. He started speaking to a variety of different guests which over time led me to one character and then another until he connected with the alt-right (or dissenting right ), etc. I could probably get along just fine with the man. But he is liberal. And he is a progressive in infancy.

His ideas, if indeed obtained at the societal level, would be fine. Live and let live. It’s a fantasy but, if it manifests in reality, it would be nice. The enigma is human nature, as well as the political and cultural snowball effect of liberalism and its ideals and political decisions made within a society. After women were allowed to vote, it led, many years later, to women on the front lines of war weakening what is supposed to be a nation’s tool of self-defense. After gay marriage soon after, he became bigoted in being against transitioning children to the opposite sex. There are political and cultural snowball effects to every decision if it deviates from orthodoxy.

So anyone who struts around as a conservative and thinks women should have the same opportunities as a man is a liberal. And, by extension, a progressive childhood. They may not themselves become progressive, but their memberships will trickle down to later generations, allowing a gateway to leftism.

People like Dave Rubin are gateways to leftism. Not today, or even next year. But, in time, it will lead in that direction.


You have to have comrades if you want to survive death. Not everyone who is liberal (in disguise or denial) is your opponent. Not for now, at least. But be aware of their worldview and memberships because, again, there is a very serious thing to understanding human nature and the political and cultural snowball effects of liberal mentality.

It is unwise to constantly bicker against those who, if civil unrest breaks out, will ultimately land on your side. But, again, understanding the gifts of the liberal mindset may very well be important in identifying a small problem in the many years to come.

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