3 Tips for Staying Safe as a “Gray Man” – Return Of Kings

3 Tips for Staying Safe as a “Gray Man” – Return Of Kings

I overheard a family member commenting on the “victims” of Hurricane Florence, who knew well in advance of the possible horrors that lay ahead. But have those who have decided to remain victims received the warnings? They also espoused, essentially, that rescue teams should not put their lives at risk for those who remained in danger.

This brought me back to a conversation with a man who was very situationally aware in terms of dodging attackers who aim to pierce your heart and rob you while you lay in a pool of your own blood. He asked this question about what do you do when in a dark alley and you see a suspicious figure coming towards you? My answer was something as to whether or not I should be in the dark aisle? It was his point.

Now, I’m not remotely suggesting that rescue teams avoid doing their jobs, but it brought me back to situational awareness and an understanding of the justice wrought when you’re dumb enough to venture into a dark alley on the wrong side of town, or staying in Florida when you knew full well the potential risk involved.

It made me think of the recent political violence and acts of domestic terrorism caused by Black Lives Matter and anti-fascists. So, regarding our contemporary state of the political and cultural arena, and what surely awaits us in the upcoming US presidential election, here are some simple and basic tips on situational awareness and preparedness just in case civil unrest would break out.

1. Understand the baseline of your environment

Political rallies across the United States demonstrate the capacity for violence and the willingness to ruthlessly attack. Men and women of more right-wing views have been assaulted, threatened with rape, had their families killed, given a dox, had dead animals thrown into their homes, had their finances threatened, and more. It’s a fucking nightmare on the North side of America more than the South side, where not everyone has a bamboo stick up their ass.

There are many interesting articles on situational awareness. And that’s the key: the situation. The environment, in a general sense, has a baseline. This is the basic general feel and function of this defined area.

For example, you go to the mall. What did you expect to see, in general? People are walking and talking, laughing and usually carrying a bag or two. It would be, in this context, out of the ordinary for an individual, dressed all in black, to quickly cross a crowd while he has his hoodie and his hands in his pockets. This is strange behavior. Ditto for someone who nervously moves around carrying a bag that doesn’t look like it was bought from a store or, to add to that, he doesn’t have workman’s clothes on. It is out of the ordinary.

If I’m in a bank and someone walks in, sits in the corner for an unreasonable amount of time without making any transactions, and looks like they’re not working there, I’m alert. Are his eyes moving to seek out cameras, are his lips moving to suggest he’s counting something, is he wearing clothes that could perhaps more easily conceal a gun?

Same if I’m sitting outside enjoying a coffee and an all black car pulls up and sits down. Whether or not the engine is on slightly changes the degree of potential threat in the situation. If so, is this a quick getaway for a potential crime? And is it the night when there are fewer people and witnesses?

These are all pretty basic to practice, in my opinion. So it doesn’t help when everyone’s head is glued to their smartphone. Especially with women. They seem much less aware than men who themselves have a lot of this problem with their smartphone.

2. The Gray Man at Political Rallies

The concept of the Gray Man is simple: blend in. Do not create stimuli around you. Gray is often considered a very bland color. It’s boring, lifeless, uninteresting. That’s not to say that wearing gray makes you undetectable, but the concept works well with this color.

Blend in so well with your surroundings that you look essentially bland. But if you’re at a political rally, then you know anyone is a potential threat. Wearing a Trump hat or an American flag arouses suspicion, creates stimuli from your political opponent, and you’re done. If you are European-American, wearing a hat over your shaved head is a good idea to reduce your presence as there is still a widespread delusion of literal Nazi reincarnation.

Those involved with BLM, AntiFa, and other left-leaning gangs are already going to make assumptions about your character and dehumanize and violently engage you. Perhaps reducing this illusion, if possible, could potentially add to your safety and security in some ways.

It’s not that one wishes to give up the chosen headgear etc., but weighing the pros and cons should be obvious if you want to avoid conflict. Which, again, is hard to do these days.

3. Consider your neighbors and the conversation

Depending on your life situation, if you are in California, talking openly with your neighbors about politics in relation to conservatism, in a positive light, creates quite a stir of stimuli. And, given that the next US election is approaching, you have made an impression on their minds. If they believe you are a real Nazi, you have become a political opponent. If you’re in the Deep South surrounded by rednecks and America-loving Christians, chances are, based on my observations, you’re less likely to be attacked for your political (or religious) views.

Personally, I hate sometimes having to lower my voice or take a quick look around because I’m about to say something that might elicit stimuli in a potential abuser. But, in these contemporary times, it’s up to you to decide what’s worth it and what isn’t.


These are just a few quality items when it comes to your safety. I was quite observant. It’s not always intentional, but I’ve seen things and made guesses (or had strong thinking about it) and turned out to be perfect.

Identify your opponent. Weigh how much of a threat they pose to you. Pay attention to who they know or talk to, then expand that person’s conversation partners, then expand them again. Leftists are ruthless, dangerous and hateful demons. And remember, if you ever see someone carrying the hammer and sickle, then be extra vigilant.

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