5 Types Of Women Who Should Stop Acting Like They’re Models – Return Of Kings

5 Types Of Women Who Should Stop Acting Like They’re Models – Return Of Kings

Charming ladies are undeniably alluring. Even those that aren’t quite high-end can definitely attract a lot of attention. Those with a good character are a treasure.

For others, unfortunately, it goes to their heads. Since my wasted youth, I have noticed the absurd results. They don’t realize the stuck act only goes so far before the juice isn’t worth squeezing. For what follows, it wouldn’t hurt to drop the Princess Complex, learn a little humility, or at least show some human decency.

1. The bar flies

drunk women

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

We know why some chicks frequently travel to bars and clubs. Using hopeful guys as free drink dispensers is only part of the solution. The other part is getting on the Cock Carousel.

The first experiences put me off the game at night. Although I had success later on, I generally drop clubs, instead focusing on daytime play and social circle play. Cigarette smoke without proper ventilation was unbearable, but luckily that’s less of a problem these days. The music is still so loud that you have to shout to be understood. Finally, I don’t buy me a drink, but I don’t like paying exorbitant prices for my own drinks.

The worst thing about clubbing, however, is the hostile attitudes. There are countermeasures for cock blocking, AMOGs, and good old Bitch Shield. Still, all of this makes “partying” a pain in the ass. Why pay cover charge for an aggravation night? It’s irrational. When it comes to sex ratios, there are often a lot more guys out there, and it’s understandable why women take advantage of the situation. On the other hand, I don’t want to waste my time and money trying to play girls in a social place who pretend they’re not in a social place. Who do they think they are?

My message to them: You bar girls can let it go. We know you want to get picked up. If not, then congratulations; you’re just an alcoholic.

2. The Women Who Hit The Wall

It is a cruel fact of nature that time takes its toll on a woman’s appearance. This can be partially alleviated by sunscreen, staying in shape and not partying too much. Yet it is a fact that a middle-aged woman cannot turn heads like she could in her youthful days. Meanwhile, guys who were once geeky teenagers are starting to look distinguished and increase their personal accomplishment.

From considerable painful experience in high school (too many rich female dogs) and college (too many snotty feminists), I observed that most girls tended to act as if they were a gift from God to men. Those who weren’t were truly wonderful, although they never stayed single for long. At 25, some began to come back down to earth. However, even at 35, there were still a few who hadn’t gotten the memo about their declining SMV.

My message to them: You are no longer a stuck up teenager. You’re a stuck up adult, and that’s worse. In fact, it’s quite sad.

3. Self-proclaimed bitches

Her smile is actually her most endearing feature.

Women face mixed messages about how they should express their natural desires – be traditional and demure, or let it all hang out? Their choices have far-reaching consequences. I don’t envy them on this dilemma. I would even sympathize with women on this, except men not acting with the risk of Victorian propriety much worse penalties. Notwithstanding the facts, if anyone even think you’ve gone a millimeter over the line, you could be visited by the HR department, get smeared on #MeToo, etc.

Women “leaving it all behind” often show their class and sophistication by constantly commemorating their youthful mistakes. Some get fired up like truckers, bikers or circus thugs. Worse still, they might have a face full of Borg implants. Essentially, they mark themselves; hope they remain happy with their choices. Some even are called slutswhich was once unthinkable.

A long time ago there was a mailing list for self-proclaimed chicks in my area. I had the opportunity to chat with the “queen bee” once. She wasn’t exactly a grand prize, but I was interested and willing to give her a chance. However, unlike the advertisement, she was not exuberantly kind and lively. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in the game. Naturally, she didn’t hint to me that anything was wrong, but told one of our mutual friends about it to maximize the drama and fun. Expressing my own desires was definitely not OK!

My message to them: If you’re going to call yourself a bitch, then you’ve given up your Vestal Virgin card forever.

4. The least beautiful

This attitude is even worse than the mohawk or the flab.

Some guys look like Henry Kissinger but don’t have his notoriety, or look like George Soros and don’t have his billions. Likewise, not all women win the genetic lottery. It’s like that.

Do undistinguished chicks in the looks category wisely adjust their expectations and find someone who could look past their mundane exterior and appreciate their inner beauty? From what I’ve seen, few do. This leads to chronic bad attitudes. Being sexually frustrated is a big part of it. However, there is no point in rejecting offers from guys who To do give them a chance. Behaving arrogantly around guys who could potentially see something in them either.

My message to them: You’re not exactly movie stars, so acting pretentious makes you look stupid.

5. Prostitutes

The “Hello Sailor” girls are cute, but no one confuses them with royalty.

I met a whore through an interesting social circle, and knowing her was the gateway to an even more interesting circle. (Note, I don’t recommend the criminal underground for social circle play.) I’ve never paid for sex, but I’ve tried to reason with some of them. Most did not listen to sound advice—shocking, isn’t it?

Sometimes I’m too damn Mormon. Granted, I had a savior complex back in the blue pill days, which I gave up. Surprisingly, I discovered that prostitutes have morals. (Yes, they are first rate hypocrites.) It gets even weirder.

One of them wrote to me from prison, twice stating that she wanted a non-sexual relationship with me. In fact, I had never tried to get into the panties of this foot train wreck. A wad of cash would surely have charmed that space cadet, if I really wanted to hire a drug addict with daddy issues, mental issues, and a criminal record. Yet she preemptively tried to Friend Zone me, despite my decent looks, respectable career, and (surely my worst “failure”) treating her like a human being.

She wasn’t even a big-budget “escort.” It’s axiomatic that she’d had hundreds of penises inside her for money, and many (if not most) of her “clients” were too ugly to fuck without payment and didn’t behave like a gentleman . I never answered, of course. I showed the letter to a former prostitute, one of the few who listened to wise advice. We had a good laugh about it. His opinion was that the Duchess of York certainly had a high opinion of herself.

My message to them: Evening ladies, if you’ve traded sex for money or drugs even once, it’s time to stop impersonating Saint Teresa of Ávila.

Be real!

Friendly ladies are a treasure. Even those who are unavailable or not mutually compatible remain pleasant company. It’s still something, just for fun. However, girls who have inflated egos – or worse, who act arrogantly – are dead to me forever.

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