Conservatives Are Losers – Return of the Kings

Conservatives Are Losers – Return of the Kings

The following article originally appeared on Roosh V.

For the world to come to what it is today, with the almost complete elimination of tradition in favor of a globohomo world where little children have more and more fun, the conservatives had to lose all significant culture war in human history. When someone declares himself to be a conservative, he is in fact declaring that he is a loser, someone who is supposed to gain the upper hand when the left attacks.

Conservatives have lost on all fronts: free speech, military, universities, marriage, nuclear family, parenting, media, government, scouts, corporations, law and justice, Christianity, patriarchy, immigration, the welfare state and capitalism. The right to bear arms is the only battle they don’t lose in a rout, but I’m confident they will lose that too within a decade. Conservative institutions are infiltrated and subverted, or have disappeared from the face of the earth, and there is no sign of their return.

The enemy

Why are the conservatives so losers? Because they just want to hold the line while their enemy is rushing at them at full speed. They don’t want to conquer new lands, kill their enemy or inflict real damage. They want to maintain the status quo while the left foams at the mouth to to win, energized by momentum and passion. The left is so dissatisfied with the state of the world because of its deep inner dysfunction that it puts its whole being into trying to improve it. They don’t know how to enjoy their lives, so they have to prey on other people’s lives.

Conservatives, on the other hand, have neither momentum nor passion. They just want to be left alone, making them easy choices for a collective determined to achieve their nightmarish utopia. In the end, the conservatives are the Spartans in 300 who have trained all their lives to lose the battle, even though they are pound for pound stronger than their enemy.

Conservatives have also been shown to be comically sensitive to leftist ideas when presented as “human rights”. Two decades ago, the vast majority of conservatives would have opposed same-sex marriage, but a few years of corny “love is love” ads were enough to change their minds. Their motto “live and let live” is only reasonable if their enemy believed the same. They give the crying baby his bottle and from this milk he grows big and strong and decides to kill the whole family. The Conservatives do not understand that giving a thumbs up to the left ultimately results in absolute defeat. They must psychotically refuse to cede any ground, even if practical logic or fairness stares them in the face, but we know they won’t.

Conservative bird feeding its enemy

Another problem facing conservatives is technology, which is not agnostic but rather liberating. It allows man to rely less on traditions, family, social ties and religion, all things the left hates. The more tech you have, the more you can be an atomized unit in a small urbanized box, depending only on your service job and your digital device to keep you alive and somewhat sane while using Uber and Lyft. to travel in and out of yourself. imposed quarantine zone. Because of technology, the conservatism of today is no more than the liberalism of twenty years ago. I challenge you to find a single attractive “conservative” girl who hasn’t tried Tinder or had heavy sex before marriage. Look at the life of any self-proclaimed curator and chances are you’ll find a rather cosmopolitan existence, far removed from nature and rural life.

The main reason the Conservatives will keep losing is that they are still not ready to kill the left even if the left is ready to kill them. Liberals get kicked out of Tories daily while suing their businesses, while the Conservative loser just complains about it on Twitter. You might hate the left, but if you dare not even punch them in the face because you fear losing your life of comfort, you will lose. If you are not ready to kill your enemy while he is busy killing you, you will lose. It’s so simple. Some think conservatives need to feel a sense of desperation to fight back, but by then there will be nothing left to fight for.

“Why would a liberal try to kill me because of my opinion? It must be some kind of mistake!”

You don’t have to be a historian to know that the Conservatives will continue to lose. Just look back 50, 100, or 500 years to see how much ground they’ve lost, and magnify that by a factor of ten through technology if you want to imagine how much ground they’ll lose in the 50, 100 next, i.e. 500 years. They are such losers that if you see any sort of organized conservative “uprising” in the years to come, it will surely be a carefully managed elite plan to usher in another monumental conservative defeat, just as we have seen in recent years. years. years with the astonishing rise of the alt-right and then the disastrous defeat in Charlottesville at the hands of their most capable enemies.

Since I know that the Conservatives will not win, I do not identify myself as such, because I do not consider myself a loser. I will stay under the radar and live without a label, and let the communists on the left defeat the losers on the right as they have for centuries.

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