Tips for Giving People Advice – Return of the Kings

Tips for Giving People Advice – Return of the Kings

Giving advice to people is sometimes a challenge. Instead of being grateful for your advice, some people spit in your face and call you names. Which give?

Say you’re trying to give advice to your mom or a friend. Maybe on nutrition, or maybe financial advice. How is it going for you ? If you answered “terrible”, you are in the same boat as me. Despite my efforts, the people who would benefit the most will not take my advice on anything. They tell you that you know everything, but they are the ones who are guilty of it.

I tried giving my mom some basic nutritional advice a few years ago. I told her, “Stop eating ice cream and drinking soda” as she got her daily dose (that was me at 16, if you care). Do you know what she did? She doubled! As in, she ate double the ice cream! What the hell? I can understand ignoring myself, but going twice as hard on something that’s obviously bad for you?

not my mother

I feel like it’s always the same when I give advice to someone. The people who need it most won’t listen. How do we handle this? Let’s go over a few things I did to keep my sanity (for the most part)

1. Accept that some people will never listen

Do not even try

Some people just don’t want to listen. And it’s good. Just drop them. It sounds harsh, but it’s for the best. We cannot save everyone with life-saving advice.

A know-it-all tells you she majors in creative writing? Let it be. A close friend won’t listen to your marriage advice? He will have to learn the hard way. Your energy should not be poured out on these people. Your energy can be used for many more people. So focus on the ones you really care about, like family. Also, try to get people who are on the fence. Don’t worry about people who are determined to destroy themselves.

2. Don’t become one of them

It’s easy to weed out people who won’t take good advice. Why should I listen or follow anything that jerk says, right? Not so fast. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. We should always remember that this “moron” might know some things that we don’t.

For example, I had a boyfriend who was terrible with a diet. Beer all day, every day. Pizza with ice cream almost every night. Despite this, he was not fat. And he got fucked. A lot. He was getting fucked left and right. He was an animal. But I never tried any of his moves. Why? Because he didn’t follow my advice on his diet.

Me, 2015

Even if I had the hardest time getting laid, I wouldn’t follow in his footsteps. My pride got in the way. And I missed it because of it. To this day, I regret not having followed in his footsteps. After reading Roosh’s book, “A Dead Bat in Paraguay” (still on Amazon!), I realized what he had was special, and I may never see something like it again. Don’t stick your head in your ass like I did. Keep your mind open. Try to be skeptical of yourself once in a while. This “moron” might know something you don’t.

3. Write articles or join a forum

If you really know what you’re talking about, you can tell the world. That’s the beauty of the internet. People all over the world will tell you if your ideas are good or valid. They can even add to your ideas or give you inspiration.

It’s fair to let as many people discover the good stuff as you can. You can go further and start a YouTube channel. Share your information with whoever listens to you! It really is the best time to live. I still take the internet for granted because of my young age. That’s a shame.

So if you just read but never contribute, what do you do? Go out and spread your knowledge to the world (or at least put yourself in your shoes).


This article is inspired by the trial and death of Socrates. He tried to give people the ability to think deeper. All he wanted was for everyone to be good (or at least know he wasn’t good). To be able to live as well as they could. To reach their maximum potential. And for this he was sentenced to death.

I want to say that I live the same things as him. However, that would be overkill. But there are a lot of similarities. The same mindset has been there for all these years: people would rather believe a lie than learn the truth. That’s a shame.

I guess a lot of guys here are close to my age (21-26). This article was for them. Please let me know how old or young you are in the comments. And please tell me about the times you’ve been kicked out for trying to help other men or women. I would love to hear about that. See you guys later.

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