Why In Your Own Life You Should Be Very Offensive – Return Of Kings

Why In Your Own Life You Should Be Very Offensive – Return Of Kings

The right answer to political correctness might be to go on living as you see fit. Another option is to give in, as many do in this era. “Go for it” may just come across as a necessary expedient when you’re told to “pick your battles.”

It may seem innocuous, but the despicable act of giving in to what is wrong is at the very heart of the pejorative, precise and effective “cocuserator”. If you’re a man, you don’t let your vital limits be crossed because when you do, you show the world that nothing is sacred to you. In the smallest of behaviors, you show the world that in the end, even your wife is not sacred to you.

At a time when free speech is being aggressively attacked, the superior response to society trying to silence others is to draw a line that goes way beyond legitimate speech that affects you. There are many opportunities in life where you draw a boundary so far from all that matters.

The postman never enters the house

Your postman or UPS guy drops off the packages at the door. Not inside the door. It’s just an extra yard, it’s not like he sits at your table or climbs into bed, so what’s the difference? You set this wide limit at the threshold of your house, regardless of the weight of a package.

You don’t want this guy in your private space because before you know it, this stranger can easily push the boundaries a bit further and a bit further. One way to make sure the postman is never in bed with your wife is to make sure the postman is never in the house. The door is the limit of the house. The house is private. Government employee and foreigner are not welcome to enter the house.

Mike Pence never spends time alone with other women

Mike Pence is famous for not being chaperoned for a meal with a woman other than his wife. He does not consume alcohol at events where his wife is not present. These are incredibly wide borders in our time. And wise boundaries that have existed in Pence’s life for as long as 2002 according to some reports.

These are boundaries set by a man who has long understood that #MeToo accusations have always been easy to make. One way to make sure you’re never falsely accused of cheating on your wife is to never find yourself in a situation where it’s your word against the other woman’s word.

A smart man doesn’t depend on the next paycheck, ever

You don’t need years of savings and investments to live comfortably. As long as you have marketable skills, you can exist well with very little savings. But it feels good to have a giant buffer protecting you from desperately needing that next paycheck. One way to ensure that you never live paycheck to paycheck is to make sure you are many paychecks away from that horribly low bar.

The stamp of freedom of expression

Freedom of expression should be another limit where we draw a big stamp.

Serena Williams cartoons must be protected

Because we failed to protect the rights of the deplorable to draw cartoons of Muhammad, we are now fighting over whether a cartoonist will ever again be allowed to cartoon a black woman.

How long before all caricatures of someone on the left are banned? Before cartoons of any beloved figure adored by many became banned? Repel. Not only Serena Williams is allowed to be caricatured, but Muhammad too. In fact, the world is better off if artists caricature the two bullies behaving badly together.

Challenging the official, thoughtless Holocaust narrative must be protected

If you don’t fight for that academic freedom, you end up with a campus environment where even the well-known and relatively tame Charles Murray can’t take the stage in college. When you advocate maximum intellectual rigor in law, you advocate the concept of intellectual rigor.

It brings more truth, reason and honesty. All this contributes to a better world. Inviting intellectually rigorous debate makes the world a better place. Yes, it also means that inviting intellectually rigorous debate about the Holocaust makes the world a better place.

Gavin McInnes being able to speak at an NYU venue without getting thrown a condom full of urine needs to be protected.

It’s almost too ridiculous to mention. This is how far things have gone. Even the relatively tame Gavin McInnes can’t speak freely on a college campus in his own town. Every deplorable point of view with the most horrible supporters of free speech must be protected.

Overton’s window has already moved too far when Gavin McInnes is among the most triggering on the right, but as he points out, he makes it cool to be on the political right, and feeling cool is something snowflakes long thought they had monopolized. .

Protect others and they will never come for you

I don’t want to draw Serena Williams caricatures, write Holocaust books, or stand in line at NYU to hear Gavin McInnes speak, but I see the value in these far-flung boundaries of activities that matter to me. Therefore, I support the freedom of expression of others by helping to protect boundaries around others, call out their silence, and push boundaries beyond what is comfortable.

As German Lutheran minister Martin Niemoller pointed out in his own struggle against oppression:

“First they came for the socialists, and I didn’t say anything… Because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t say anything… Because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t say anything, because I wasn’t Jewish.

Then they came for me and there was no one to speak for me.

If you fight for others, if you fight to keep boundaries away from you, you will never have to worry about your own rights. This generosity is self-serving and is very good for society.

‘Deplatforming’ and ‘Hate Crime’ push Overton’s window

Deplatforming is legitimate behavior on the left. It is currently being celebrated across the left as a victory against extremism.

The term “hate speech” is a legitimate distinction on the left. It is simply an attempt to silence. Mastering a person with an opinion. There is no hate speech. There is only the word.

These are never legitimate distinctions between how you can interact with adults. There is no hate speech, there are no hate crimes, there are no protected categories of adults. It must be the prospect. True to first principles: a human is a human.

All who engage in intellectual debate should be prepared to take off the gloves and dig into the truth about the topic under discussion. In a debate, no one is free to be protected from the truths that arise in an intellectual debate, no matter how offended he feels, not even if he cries or throws a tantrum. Laugh at them if they do, because they should be very embarrassed.

Marxist wars on freedom are the real hate crime

The real hate crime is the promotion of neo-Marxism by social justice warriors. They seek to win debates by severing the freedoms that the freedom fighters of the West, our intellectual ancestors, fought for centuries to bring to humanity.

Marxism transforms good cultures into small legalistic cultures that tend to behave culture-wide in adulthood as if they have been abused upbringing. Marxism transforms relative paradises on this planet into places of abject misery. These are hate crimes.

Interestingly, neo-Marxist social justice warriors overlook this fact and prefer to point to your hurtful words as the real hate crime. Don’t let them. It is the national terrorists who would repeat the failed Marxist experiment on this marvelous land.

Be a free speech warrior

I ask that in your lifetime you take the temperature of where you are and always seek to push the boundaries. Doing it is alpha and feels good. Sometimes you fail, the more often you succeed.

Just as pushing boundaries with a woman and withstanding the shitty tests earns you rewards, pushing the boundaries of free speech and passing the shitty tests of those who would shut you up will earn you rewards.

Make the quip that might be considered over the line.

Cross the line. Do it without fear. Do it boldly.

Use the words that could be considered as crossing the line.

You know what they are. Use them. All the words you’re told you can’t use. Use them. Use them skillfully, for maximum effect. But use them. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Share the opinion that could be considered beyond the line.

The most effective, well-researched thing you know how to present, present it. Present it in a way that no one can argue with it. If you’re not good at anything, show off what you’re good at. Do it enough and you’ll get good.

Crossing the line after taking the temperature

I’m not saying to be a social outcast who can’t take the temperature of your audience, but I’m saying to be one who can see exactly where the line is and be shrewdly comfortable stepping over it.

This is the requirement we have in our current era of aggressiveness against free speech if we are to preserve the level of free speech that we have come to know.

That’s why in your own life you should be attacking, very attacking, starting today, before Overton’s window changes.

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