Jensen Ackles as Boy Soldier

Jensen Ackles as Boy Soldier

Jensen Ackles as Boy Soldier

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Prime Video has released the latest full trailer for The boys sseason three, which provides an explosive look at the team that comes together to stop Homelander (Anthony Starr) from continuing his reign as the most powerful being. Barely able to hold on to the trail of forgiveness, the Butcher (Karl Urban) and co. are willing to do anything to stop it, including taking a mysterious serum that turns you into a supe for 24 hours.

Eager to handle Homelander, the Butcher volunteers for the Green Serum, and the trailer gives us a glimpse of the power behind his eyes that sets the stage for the fight he’s determined to win. The trailer also gives a glimpse of Jensen Ackles as boy soldiera super who is unearthed in battle against Homelander but may prove too unpredictable to trust—hIs powers can just explode in everyone’s face, if this trailer is any indication. We are definitely no longer in cartoon earth, that’s for sure!

We stopped for the last time with the anti-heroes who decided to take on the Vought Corporation and the Seven through the politics of violence, as suggested by Hughie (Jack Quaid). Yeah, it’s not going to last long at first glance. At least there will be some levity moments as this season also includes a musical episode, which we can’t wait for. A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) gets a peace offering moment for Kendall Jenner and Kumiko (Karen Fukahara) uses a dildo (can’t believe this isn’t the first time this year we’ve seen this on screen) as a weapon in the mash up genre. Musical treble and super heroes Spandax? move Rogers: The Musical, Here is The boys.

The first three episodes of the Emmy-nominated drama will debut on June 3. Then, one additional episode will drop per week on Fridays with a season finale on July 8. We expect the eight the episodes we get will be funnier and more chaotic.

one-sheet poster for Prime Video new season of The Boys with cast and June 3 release date

Picture: First video

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