Taylor Hawkins reportedly overwhelmed by Foo Fighters tour

Taylor Hawkins reportedly overwhelmed by Foo Fighters tour

Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl

Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl
Photo: Jason Merrit (Getty Images)

Nearly two months have passed since the death of the Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkinsand today rolling stone shared a profile chronicling the musician’s final days with the band. In it, several friends and colleagues say that Hawkins regularly felt the stress of the band’s constant touring, and that he had would have reached its limit.

“He had a one-on-one with Dave and, yeah, he told me he ‘fucked up’ – those were his words,” says Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron. “So I guess they hit it off, but it seems like the touring schedule got even crazier after that.”

“He tried to keep up,” adds Cameron. “He just did whatever it took to keep up, and in the end he couldn’t keep up.”

Chad Smith of the Hot red peppers reiterates Cameron’s statements, referring to Hawkins’ report collapsed on a plane in Chicago last year.

“It was one of the straws that broke the camel’s back,” Smith says. “After that he had a very important heart to heart with Dave [Grohl] and management. He said, “I can’t continue with this program, so we have to find something.”

Although none of Hawkins’ former bandmates agreed to be interviewed for the piece, a rep for the band alleges that “there was never a ‘heart to heart’ – or any sort of reunion on this subject – with Dave and [Silva Artist Management].” However, an unnamed colleague and friend of Hawkins also claims that Hawkins had a discussion with Grohl.

“The fact that he finally spoke to Dave and really told him he couldn’t do this and he wouldn’t do it again, that was a release for him,” the friend says. “It took fucking balls. It took a year of gut work to do it.

Hawkins’ cause of death is still unknown, although urine toxicology reports found numerous drugs in his system at the time of death, including marijuana, antidepressants, benzodiazepines and opioids. According to RS room, medical examiners reported that Hawkins’ heart weighed 200 grams (about twice that of an average human) and was capable of collapsing regardless of drug use. The results of the autopsy have not been made public.

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