'Queer As Folk' Reboot On Peacock - Watch The Full Trailer [VIDEO]

‘Queer As Folk’ Reboot On Peacock – Watch The Full Trailer [VIDEO]

Peacock is ready to introduce a new generation of people, and they’re more queer than ever.

That’s right, the streamer has finally released the highly anticipated first trailer for its upcoming Queer as Folk reboot, premiering Thursday, June 9.

New Queer as Folk stars Devin Way (Grey’s Anatomy) as Brodie, a chaotic commitment-phobic; EndArgus (the giftedlisten)) as Mingus, an overconfident high school student; Jesse James Keitel (big sky) as Ruthie, a transgender party girl trying to clean up her act; the CG newcomer as Shar, a non-binary teacher who pursues parenthood; Johnny Sibily (Laid) as Noah, a successful lawyer with a lot to hide; and Ryan O’Connell (Special) as Julian, a pop culture nerd with cerebral palsy.

Key guest stars include Kim Cattrall (how i met your father) as a southern debutante named Brenda, Juliette Lewis (yellow jackets) as a single mother named Judy, Ed Begley Jr. (Young Sheldon) as an emotionally distant father named Winston, Nyle DiMarco (This fence) as a charming graduate student named Leo and Lukas Gage (The White Lotus) as a personal trainer named Eric.

“Like most queer kids of the 90s, I had a unique relationship with the original Queer as Folksays creator Stephen Dunn. “Growing up, I was desperate for any kind of connection with people like me. It was the first time I felt truly seen. The show offered a new paradigm – one where we could embrace and celebrate love, queer families and communities on the world stage. It was truly iconic. I’m honored that Russell T. Davies, the creator of the original series, entrusted me with the task of continuing that legacy.”

Dunn continues, “I wanted to create a groundbreaking new version of this show for this moment. Our new Queer as Folk is set in New Orleans – one of the most unique queer communities in North America – and I’m extremely proud that the new series is made up of an electric cast of fresh characters that reflect modern global audiences. If there is a person able to see Queer as Folk and feeling less alone, or who now feels more supported and seen, our job is done. In the true spirit of the original, our show doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of our community, but above all, the series is about people living vibrant, vital, and staunchly queer lives.

Press PLAY for your first glimpse of Peacock’s Queer as Folk restart, then leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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