Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez says Johnny Depp threw a steak knife

Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez says Johnny Depp threw a steak knife

Amber Heard’s younger sister spoke on Wednesday to provide details about what she described as Johnny Depp’s violent and erratic behavior during the actor and Heard’s short-lived union.

Among his allegations: that Depp ‘thrown’ a steak knife at his assistant, called his then-wife – Heard – a ‘slimy whore’, and even consumed the contents of a ziplock bag full of mystery pills “to see what would happen. ”

Whitney Henriquez, who lived with the celebrity couple, told jurors in Virginia court on Wednesday that the couple she once adored had soured. Part of the cause, she said, was that Depp started making “light-hearted jokes” about Heard’s clothes and appearance.

“And then all of a sudden he has a problem with her taking any job or any kind of audition… That was another fight,” Henriquez said. “He would often say things like, ‘I don’t even understand why she needs to work. I’ll take it, I’ll take care of you’… It was one of those things that he was, in the end, vehemently against his job at all.

But another factor in the death, Henriquez said, was Depp’s drug and alcohol use, which she said included cocaine, weed, MDMA and mushroom use. Once she said, Depp even consumed a ziplock bag full of random pills out of curiosity.

“He laughed it off,” Heard’s sister added. “If he was using or drinking, there was almost always a fight…He would be sober for a while, then fall off the wagon almost as quickly.”

In another example, Henriquez claimed Depp “threw a steak knife” at his assistant after a 2013 robbery to London.

The allegations mirror those previously made by Heard, who is being sued by Depp for $50 million after allegedly ‘devastating’ her career with the 2018 Washington Post editorial describing herself as a survivor of domestic violence. Heard has since filed a countersuit, alleging defamation after one of Depp’s ex-lawyers called his domestic abuse allegations a “hoax”.

Another of Heard’s claims that Henriquez corroborated: that Depp held one of his Yorkies, Boo, out of a moving car as everyone in the vehicle froze in fear.

Depp denied the allegations, calling the dog incident “absolute falsehood.” He also denied ever physically hitting a woman and identified himself on the stand as a victim of domestic violence.

Henriquez also admitted to seeing Heard and Depp physically attack and hit each other in 2015 after a fight sparked by the actress accusing her husband of cheating. Heard admitted to punching Depp during that incident, saying she was afraid Depp would hurt Henriquez.

“I’m at the bottom of the stairs, back to the stairs, and that’s where Johnny runs up the stairs,” Henriquez said of the incident. “And again, I’m up against Amber. He comes up behind me and hits me on the back…He hits me on the back, I hear Amber scream, “Don’t hit my fucking sister.

Shortly after the fight, Henriquez – who admitted to using cocaine with him on several occasions – said she finally left the penthouses the actor owned in Los Angeles after he asked her to sign an NDA. Depp then accused her of selling stories about her to the press, which Henriquez flatly denied on the stand.

Heard’s younger sister also spoke about the effects Depp’s lawsuit — and some of the allegations made by his legal team in the media — had on her sister. She said Heard had panic attacks, lost sleep and cried randomly.

“These statements devastated her,” Henriquez said.

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