Bears’ faith in Luke Getsy bodes well for Justin Fields’ future

Bears’ faith in Luke Getsy bodes well for Justin Fields’ future

LAKE FOREST — Luke Getsy could be the 2022 Bears’ biggest unknown. He could also be key to ensuring the season is a resounding success, regardless of the record.

In January, the Bears hired Getsy as their offensive coordinator after spending three seasons in Green Bay as a QB coach and passing game coordinator for the Packers. At this point, we know relatively little about his plan and how he will utilize the strengths of sophomore quarterback Justin Fields.

However, what becomes clear about Getsy is that he has a way of doing it. People are drawn to him and trust his abilities as a coach, playmaker and attacking maestro.

“Unwavering,” offensive lineman Lucas Patrick, who has spent the past five seasons with Green Bay, said Tuesday of his confidence in Getsy.

After spending five years competing for the Super Bowl alongside Aaron Rodgers, Patrick headed south from Chicago to join the Bears, largely because of Getsy.

“Every time I’ve seen him work with players, I’ve seen the progress,” Patrick said. “In the wide reception room that he started with in Green Bay, I mean, a bunch of studs that he improved. He went to that QB room, and I’m pretty sure [Rodgers] won an MVP. Now it becomes our OC. I mean, everything he does well, and he’s like a really good person, and it’s really easy to go through a brick wall for a coach you believe in.”

That’s the bet Eberflus made when he hired Getsy. If he can help Rodgers improve, he can help make Fields one of the next great quarterbacks.

Patrick wasn’t the only one Getsy brought to Chicago. Quarterbacks coach Andrew Janocko has known Getsy for a decade from his college days as a third-string quarterback at the University of Pittsburgh.

“He’s the same guy as today,” Janocko said Tuesday. “He’s a hell of a leader. He’s really smart. He’s a good person, someone you’re attracted to. Some people are attracted to Luke because he cares about the people around him and he has a lot of knowledge. He’s been to a bunch of different places around great people, so that’s who you want to surround yourself with.”

Getsy and Janocko have the monumental task of ensuring second-year quarterback Justin Fields becomes the star the Bears envisioned when they drafted him 11th overall in 2021.

Both were highly complimentary of Fields’ work ethic and talent, and the belief is that the sophomore QB is learning about the new offense sooner than expected.

“I think he’s really gone to work mentally in class, away from the classroom, what he does with his iPad at night, how he studies, how he’s ready and prepared the next day, how he comes and goes. ‘approach every day,” Janocko said of Fields. “When he arrives ready to work, you hear the stories of some of the great guys when they walk into the building, they’re ready to go. They’re mentally prepared. They’re prepared with what they did the night before, and then they’re ready to come in. That’s what they do, and that’s what they want to be great at, so that’s what you see from him.

Whether the Matt Eberflus-Ryan Poles rebuild begins will depend on Getsy and his work with Fields. After all, the Bears haven’t done much to support Fields this offseason. They signed a handful of bodies at wide receiver and added Patrick to play center. Otherwise, there wasn’t much else that happened this offseason to help the second-year QB.

Other than Getsy.

The Bears offensive coordinator and his scheme are the support. He and Fields will succeed and fail together.

As it goes, the Bears of 2022 are doing the same.

The stakes are high for a player calling for the first time. But confidence in Getsy’s ability could be even higher at Halas Hall.

This faith paints a picture of a coach who put in the work and lifted up his players in the process. The Bears are betting Getsy will do the same for Fields.

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