CW Boss Addresses ‘Shock’ of Cancellations – Deadline

CW Boss Addresses ‘Shock’ of Cancellations – Deadline

It’s a ‘period of transition’ for The CW: boss Mark Pedowitz spoke of the ‘shock’ of cancellations this season, which included series such as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Legacyand revealed that it encourages its creators to approach their season finales as if they were series finales.

“I realize the model was different to what we’ve done in years past, so I can see why that was a bit of a shock to you and the fans. None of these decisions were easy, we had long conversations with our studios and parent companies and everyone recognized that this was a time of transition for The CW. Unfortunately, some tough financial and strategic decisions had to be made at all levels and despite some rumours, content was never a factor in the decision not to go ahead with the shows,” he said. he said during The CW’s pre-upfronts call.

The youth-focused network has significantly reduced the number of original series it will air, including the cancellation of Batwoman, Naomi, Dynasty, Charmed, Roswell, New Mexico, In The Dark, and 4400.

He added that he has always “done his best” to give long-running series a proper ending so that “the creators can finish telling their stories on their terms and the fans who have invested all their time are, hopefully satisfied”.

“We had an idea early on, which shows might be bubble shows. We weren’t 100% sure what was going to happen, so we tried to encourage all of these producers to treat their finale as if it could be a series finale. We wanted to do the right thing by the show and by the fans. Ultimately, producers are the guardians of their own creative vision. Unfortunately, it is the fans who lose by these decisions,” he added.

This comes ahead of The CW’s pending sale to Nexstar, which is expected to close in the coming weeks, a topic that Pedowitz, as expected, couldn’t talk about.

The news was particularly irritating for series fans including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Legacy. The superhero show is ending after seven seasons and The originals spin-off, which comes from Julie Plec, ends after four seasons.

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