Squid Game Season 2 Plot Emphasizes Togetherness

Squid Game Season 2 Plot Emphasizes Togetherness

squid game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk did not initially see the show last more than one season. In fact, he wrote it as a standalone movie. But the show’s overwhelming popularity made a second series not only possible, but inevitable. “A second season has become inevitable in a way,” said star Lee Jung-jae People. “I remember when we were shooting, I asked [Hwang] if there was a second season, and he said, ‘I don’t think so. It will be very difficult. But we can’t not make one now, because we’ve gotten so much love all over the world. Hwang has great ideas about the thematic content of a squid games season 2: “I want to ask the question, ‘Is real solidarity between humans possible?'” said the director vanity lounge. This question was in the background of Season 1, but Hwang wants to bring it to the forefront for Season 2, especially as the world catapults into global meltdown on multiple fronts. “If they were able to talk to each other, to cooperate with each other, I agree that there could have been a possibility that we could have seen more winners,” he said.

The returning cast is, shall we say, limited for a Season 2. Lee is set to take over Gi-Hun, and there’s a slim chance the Front Man will return. But beyond that, it’s all speculation. Chantal, the giant robot doll who stole our hearts in season one, awaits the return of her own green light.

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