Johnny Cash’s mural is curiously leaked after a vandal fired at his hometown’s water tower in a ‘sensitive area’

Johnny Cash’s mural is curiously leaked after a vandal fired at his hometown’s water tower in a ‘sensitive area’

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Johnny Cash first hit number 1 with the song “I Walk the Line,” but a mural in his hometown of Arkansas will be known for a different kind of number 1.

Thanks to a well-placed prank, a water tower with a painted silhouette of the deceased music legend is currently leaking – and appears to be leaking – above his Arkansas hometown of Kingsland after a prankster with an impressive target recently fired at the tank.

“Someone shot our water tower, shot Johnny Cash’s figure in a very sensitive area,” Kingsland Mayor Luke Neal told FOX 16. “There’s been a leak for almost one week.”

Kingsland, which has a population of around 500, paid tribute to the star by painting a silhouette of the “man in black” holding a red guitar on their water tower in March 2021. The figure is 6ft 2in and is the one of Cash. exact height.

Timothy Sled photographed Johnny Cash's silhouette on Kingsland's water tank causing a leak.

Timothy Sled photographed Johnny Cash’s silhouette on Kingsland’s water tank causing a leak.

Residents of nearby towns make special trips to see the leaked legend. But not everyone is tickled by the tinkling tower. According to Mayor Luke Neal, Kingsland is losing around 30,000 gallons of water every day as the wonder continues.


“You kind of have a tighter budget in small towns like this because that’s really all you have to work with. And things like this can set you back a bit,” Neal told the local news channel THV-11.

Kingsland, Arkansas has a population of 500.

Kingsland, Arkansas has a population of 500.

Neal said the leak is costing the city nearly $5,000 to fix. Crews will need to drain the entire tower before starting.


A week after the tower was pulled down, police arrested 38-year-old Timothy Sled on Thursday. Sled has been charged with two felonies for allegedly drilling a hole in a water tower. Sled was charged with criminal mischief and harming the operation of a vital public service. Both are felonies, and if convicted, Sled could face up to 16 years in prison.

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