Barcelona v Lyon: 2022 Women’s Champions League final – live! | Women’s Champions League

46 minutes Peeppeep!

Barcelona make a substitution at half-time: Asisat Oshoala replaces Jenni Hermoso.

“You must have performed some sort of ritual before the game, probably like you do for crack games, because this one is definitely one,” says Yash Gupta.

Believe me, I’ve kissed a lot of frogs too in my 18 (sip) years of live blogging.

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Half-time: Barcelona 1-3 Lyon

Remove the bones. How is that my job? Well, Lyon have a 3-1 lead but their lead looks precarious, such has been the craziness of this game. Amandine Henry’s astonishing goal put Lyon ahead before Ada Hegerberg and Catarina Macario gave them a barely believable 3-0 lead.

Barcelona, ​​who have been a nervous wreck in defence, changed the mood when Alexia Putellas flew past Christiane Endler.

Don’t ask me what happens next; I always try to make sense of what just happened.

45+2 mins Hegerberg leaves one on Patri and is rightly reserved.

45+1 mins Cascarino misses a wide volley from Macario’s floating cross. It wasn’t an easy chance – the angle was pretty tight – but she’ll be frustrated that she didn’t connect properly.

45 minutes Four minutes of added time.

44 minutes This first half has Fly by.

43 minutes “First of all, I would like to echo the thoughts of Redmond Grimes: it’s great to see the investment in the WSL – and those two are even better,” says Adam Kline-Schoder. “I feel like Barcelona have been a bit one-dimensional in their game so far; patterns are not enough there and the ball is not moved enough quickly enough to thwart the traps that Lyon skillfully sets for them. What a goal from Henry, what a player Hegerberg is and what a game it was. Enjoy!”

Captain Alexia Putellas brought Barcelona back into the game. The goal was scored by Graham Hansen, who swung in a fairly standard shin-high cross from the right. Mbock Bathy slipped which allowed Putellas to run onto the ball and energetically fly past Endler. It’s a very good finish.

GOAL! Barcelona 1-3 Lyon (Putellas 41)

Good morning!

Alexia Putellas picks one up for Barca.
Alexia Putellas picks one up for Barca. Photo: Guglielmo Mangiapane/Reuters

40 minutes For what it’s worth, I still don’t think this game is over. I will of course delete this entry and pretend that it never happened if Lyon go 4-0.

39 minutes Graham Hansen’s cross from the right is nervously pushed back by Endler, who could have been blind. Barcelona still look pretty calm going forward; it was in defense that the blind panic set in.

38 minutes Hegerberg gives a masterclass on centre-forward play. Besides scoring one and making it two, his link-up play was exemplary.

36 minutes After another quick break, Hegerberg whips a shot which is repelled by the flying Panos! Lyon destroy Barcelona in transition.

Catarina Macario made it 3-0 at Lyon after a more remarkable play by Hegerberg. A desperate and tired clearance from Paredes, into his own six-yard box, was blocked by Malard. She gave the ball to Hegerberg, who played a quick first pass across goal to the unmarked Macario.

Macario miscontrolled the ball, as if shocked to find herself four yards out with an open goal, but the ball fell off the post and into the net.

Hegerberg’s instant pass, which halved five Barcelona players, was wonderful.

GOAL! Barcelona 0-3 Lyon (Macario 33)

Barcelona is collapsing!

Catarina Macario adds a third for Lyon.
Catarina Macario adds a third for Lyon. Photography: Alberto Lingria/Reuters

32 minutes New luck for Hegerberg! A nil ball from Leon was intercepted, and suddenly Hegerberg was one on one with Paredes, the last defender. This time, Paredes did well to hold Hegerberg, and eventually she shot over the bar from the edge of the D.

water break It is very hot in Turin, almost 30 degrees, and the players are having a drink.

28 minutes There is the second!

The @UWCL's all-time top scorer, Ada Hegerberg, doubles @OLFeminin's lead! 🎯

Watch the @UWCL Final live 👇

🇬🇧 🎙 👉 https://t.co/JBKFKDjnnI
🇪🇸 🎙 👉 https://t.co/mCHiZrlDBV
🇫🇷 🎙 👉 https://t.co/tHncncobhD pic.twitter.com/7F3NTTmB1R

— DAZN Football (@DAZNFootball) May 21, 2022


27 minutes It’s thrilling stuff. It’s not going to end 2-0, I tell you for nothing.

25 minutes Hegerberg makes almost three! Paredes played a terrible, short back pass which was picked up by Hegerberg. She tried to get around Panos, who rushed in feet first to make a vital tackle. Barcelona are a bag of nerves in defence.

It was another high class goal from Lyon. The indefatigable Bacha played a smooth one-two with Malard on the left and arched a fine cross towards the far post. Goalkeeper Panos was unsure whether to stick or twist, and Hegerberg swung away from Leon and headed towards the net with absolute certainty. She did it again in Barcelona!

GOAL! Barcelona 0-2 Lyon (Hegerberg 23)

It may be panic now: Lyon leads 2-0!

Ada Hegerberg doubles the lead for Lyon.
Ada Hegerberg doubles the lead for Lyon. Photo: Guglielmo Mangiapane/Reuters

22 minutes Barcelona must not have been left behind too often over the past two seasons. So far there have been no signs of panic or frustration, although that could change if it’s still 1-0 after an hour.

21 minutes “A few first thoughts,” says Travis Giblin. “First of all, WHAT A STRIKE by Henry. As a full member of the Irish Nation I find it hard to cheer on any French player named Henry, but it was amazing. Also, approaching the goal, what an effort from Hegerberg. She was clearly missed at Lyon last season.

Yes, I was so distracted by Henry’s shot that I forgot to congratulate Hegerberg for holding the ball in the first place. She did superbly.

20 mins Hegerberg sends a bouncing ball wide of the goal about 22 yards. Lyon don’t have much of the ball but look dangerous when they get it.

17 minutes “The WSL have come a long way but these two teams are two steps ahead,” said Redmond Grimes. “It could be a while before we see Chelsea, Man City or Arsenal win this.”

In effect. You would think three years minimum, even with the money from the WSL.

15 min: Beautiful defense of Bacha! Rolfo runs over substitute Buchanan and directs a low cross towards Hermoso, whose attempted shot is brilliantly blocked by Bacha in the penalty area. Barcelona reacted admirably to the shock of the delay.

14 min: replacement Lyon Poor Ellie Carpenter is stretched out to be replaced by Kadeisha Buchanan.

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