Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore: Round-by-round live updates

Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore: Round-by-round live updates

MMA Fighting has Mayweather vs. Moore results live for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore fight card at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi on Saturday afternoon.

This is the live blog from the show’s main event featuring boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore. It is scheduled to start around 5 p.m. ET on the Frontrow pay-per-view. Check out our Mayweather vs Moore results page to find out what happened on the undercard.

This is Mayweather’s third exhibition bout since retiring from active competition in 2017 following a win over UFC superstar Conor McGregor that gave Mayweather a perfect 50-0 professional record. He then defeated kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa at a RIZIN event in December 2018 in Japan, then went the distance with YouTube star Logan Paul in a fight that was not officially scored.

Moore (18-0-1, 12 KOs) is a former training partner of Mayweather.

Check out the Mayweather vs Moore main event live blog below.

Floyd Mayweather is coming out shortly. He makes the trip with the accompaniment of live rap music.

Round 1: Two minute rounds for this exhibition bout. Mayweather just keeps his distance, letting Moore land a few punches that miss. A shot from Moore lands to the body and Mayweather smiles. Mayweather with a backlash. Moore to the body again. Mayweather with a counter on the left.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather.

2nd round: Mayweather more aggressive with his movement to start the second round. He catches Moore with a jab. Mayweather just dodges Moore’s jabs. The right hand marks Moore from distance. They exchange blows. Mayweather just uses his footwork to cut the ring. Moore scores with a jab. Mayweather to the body, then a few punches to steal the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 20-18 Mayweather.

Round 3: Mayweather slips more punches. Moore scores to the body. Moore swerves away with a trio of jabs. Mayweather scores to the body. Mayweather scores Moore with a left. He picks his spots with his jab. Jab right to the face by Mayweather. Moore can’t live without it.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 30-27 Mayweather.

Round 4: Mayweather’s jab is on point right now. He dodges a punch from Moore and hits him with an uppercut to the body. Moore sneaks in a body shot. Mayweather stings Moore with a few left hands. Moore with a left right to the body. Mayweather completely loose after four rounds.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 40-36 Mayweather.

Round 5: Moore with a left-handed glance as he spins out of the corner. Mayweather boxes Moore from close range, Moore responds with a short uppercut. Mayweather lets go of his hands now. The right hook hits Moore cleanly. Counter just off Moore connects, but Mayweather is unbothered and he’s now flailing as Moore just tries to back up and go around. Mayweather is getting everything he wants right now.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8, Mayweather. Overall, 50-44 Mayweather.

Round 6: Mayweather lands an uppercut early on. Clean jab for Moore, but Mayweather responds with a left on the button. Mayweather is mocking Moore now. Moore with a hard inside punch, he blasts Moore with a jab. Moore wants to counter, but he catches a lot of glove and shoulder. Mayweather can hear the comment and as the team compliments his gift for psychological warfare, he responds mid-fight, “I do that.”

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 60-53 Mayweather.

Round 7: Before the seventh, Mayweather took the round card and walked around with it. Then he danced with the girl with the rings. Mayweather talks as much as he fights, even as he punches Moore in the face. Moore deals hands, but Mayweather’s defense is sharp. Mayweather resumes the offensive and Moore circles to get away. He gets swayed by a right hand near his ear. Mayweather pouring it on a cornered Moore. Moore is seriously injured by a right hand. Mayweather sticks out his tongue then hits a combo.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8, Mayweather. Overall, 70-61 Mayweather.

Round 8: Mayweather jabbing as he corners Moore. He asks Moore to go where he wants. Stiff jab with Moore on the ropes. Moore with a counter right. Left hook by Mayweather. Moore stumbles on one knee. Moore with two good inside punches, but Mayweather absolutely crushes him with a body shot. He must respond to a count of 10 and he succeeds. Mayweather in there, huge right hand. Left hook by Mayweather. He wants the finish. Moore will arrive at the bell. Dominant and flashy performance for Mayweather.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8, Mayweather. Overall, 80-69 Mayweather.

Official result: No winner is declared because the fight is an exhibition.

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