Snoop Dogg apparently reacts to Sasha Banks’ WWE walkout

Snoop Dogg apparently reacts to Sasha Banks’ WWE walkout

Rapper Snoop Dogg has seemingly thrown his support behind his cousin Sasha Banks, who staged a WWE RAW walkout last week.

On Sunday night, Snoop wrote “Bloodline” and “Cuzns” on Instagram alongside photos of him and Banks spending time together.

Banks has previously detailed the impact Snoop Dogg had on her wrestling career. Appearing on Steve Austin Broken Skull Sessions last year, Banks revealed that she earned the nickname “The Boss” after being at WrestleMania XXIV with the rapper, who was the emcee at the Orlando event.

“The first [character] I was The Boss because my cousin is Snoop Dogg,” Banks revealed. “I remember at 16 going to WrestleMania in Orlando with him and him rehearsing and I walk down the ramp with him behind him and I see all the girls. I see all these fucking women that I watch every week and I’m like, “I’m going to take this scene down one day, and I have to do it like Snoop Dogg. Everyone around him calls him The Boss, so I’m like he’s a good character, let’s just me take that and crank it up.

Snoop also accompanied Banks to the ring when he entered Wrestle Mania 32.

Since the walkout, Sasha Banks has been removed from the WWE intro “Then. Now. Forever. Together,” and also had all of her merchandise removed from the WWE Store.

On Sunday, FightVotes reported that the situation involving Banks and Naomi, who also staged a walkout last Monday, “will get worse before it gets better.” The report notes that although Banks and Naomi received online support from fellow wrestlers, they fell out of favor with WWE management.

You can see Snoop Dogg’s post on Sasha Banks below.

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