Tom Izzo’s sage advice for Draymond Green after Game 2 ‘mud’ vs Mavericks

Tom Izzo’s sage advice for Draymond Green after Game 2 ‘mud’ vs Mavericks

If there’s one person who doesn’t have to mince words with Draymond Green, it’s his former college basketball coach.

Michigan State’s Tom Izzo coached Green for four years in college and knows the Warriors forward quite well.

So when Green has let his emotions get the best of him, like he did in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, he can expect to hear from Coach Izzo, who texted him after the game with constructive feedback.

“Last game, game 2, I spent the whole game pouting, frustrated, arguing with the referees… but coach [Tom] Izzo texted me after the last game and he said it in a really nice way,” Green said on the latest episode of “The Draymond Green Show” podcast.

Green then read aloud the text messages between himself and the Michigan coach.

“He said: ‘Shaky day, but you got the job done. In my humble opinion, you have all been caught up in the arbitration, you must realize that you are the leader and that many are following you. That being said, you had a big 3-point shot and some big saves were key. They follow your lead, but you’re still leading 2-0. Good luck my brother.’

“I knew exactly what he was saying, he didn’t need to say much more. And I answered him, I said: ‘Coach 1000%, I let my emotions run wild and the team followed. I have to be better, but it sure feels good to win.’ “

By the time Izzo texted him, Green was already aware of how his behavior in Game 2 had manifested and to move forward he knew he had to be better.

“And like I said, I understood right away what he was saying, I knew I had to be better in that department and not let that negatively affect my game,” Green added. “And I really think that negatively affected my game in Game 2, which ultimately negatively affected us as a team. We were able to win the game. When you can learn from your mistakes in a win, take that. So I’m going to take it and keep pushing forward, but I knew I had to be better in that department to get into that game and I thought I did a much better job there.”

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Izzo, along with Warriors coach Steve Kerr and longtime teammates Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala certainly have the freedom to be as candid with Green as they want. Green is always open to constructive feedback, but when it comes from those he trusts the most and admires the most, it carries a lot of weight.

Cooler heads prevailed in Game 3 Sunday night at the American Airlines Center with the Warriors beating the Mavericks 109-100 and now find themselves one win away from making their sixth NBA Finals in the last eight seasons.

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