Bears coach notes Eddie Jackson ‘fits well’ at OTAs

Bears coach notes Eddie Jackson ‘fits well’ at OTAs

The Bears have been adamant throughout the offseason that 2022 is a blank slate for Eddie Jackson. Matt Eberflus isn’t worried about the poor tackle that angered fans at the start of last season. The new defensive staff aren’t going to be focused on their spectacular 2018 season either. They’re just going to try and find what they do best and put them in the best position to play to those strengths, just like they would with no other. any other player.

So far, the fresh start seems to be helping to keep veterans safe.

“He got off to a good start,” safety coach Andre Curtis said. “He is working hard through OTAs and improving. He asks the right questions, he is a leader in the room. I love everything I’ve seen from him so far.

That’s not to say Jackson is ready to rock this new defense. No one is. The reality is that Jackson has seen a curious and drastic drop in production from 2018 to recent seasons. No one knows that better than Jackson himself, and he came prepared this summer with ideas to improve.

“Eddie is a pretty savvy veteran,” Curtis said. “He realizes the things he needs to work on. He brought me several things regarding the fundamentals and things that we need to improve.

“We will obviously try to work in that direction and try to maximize his potential and try to give him a good opportunity to help our defence.

One of the ways Jackson can help the defense is to become a leader and take young players under his wing. The Bears used a top-50 pick to select Jaquan Brisker to play alongside Jackson this year, and if the defense wants to take a big step forward this year, they’ll have to play well together. Looks like Jackson took that to heart.

“We share information,” Curtis said. “Good defenses are made when people share things they know to help others. Because you may have an answer to something that someone else needs, or vice versa. That way you can learn from anyone and you can teach anyone. I always thought it was a good environment, and that’s what Eddie does.

“I don’t know what happened in the past, but since I’ve known him here, he’s been really good. He communicates well, he works hard, he studies, he helps the young people in the room. I really like what I saw from Eddie. He’s in a good place right now. »

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