Why Ian Rapoport thinks Deebo Samuel and the 49ers will get a deal

Why Ian Rapoport thinks Deebo Samuel and the 49ers will get a deal

The number of people who really know what’s going on with Deebo Samuel can probably be counted on the one hand, but people will still speculate regardless.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport thinks Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers will fix things, and wherever things go wrong, they’ll pull through.

“I would say I think they can sort it out,” Rapoport said on The Pat McAfee Show. “I don’t think it’s settled yet. And there is a lot of work to do. When a player asks for a trade, he’s basically saying he doesn’t want to be there and it has nothing to do with the contract – because remember, he basically said to them, ‘Don’t offer me of contract”. I will not take it. I want to be traded.'”

“There is work to be done. [49ers head coach] Kyle Shanahan is very charismatic and also very good at making sure football players do their job well, isn’t he? He’s a great game designer and he’s helped Deebo Samuel become the dynamic weapon that he was, so I think they could get there, but they’re not there yet.

Samuel requested a trade last month and the potential reasons to do so are endless. Money. Use. Location. Everything is still up in the air.

Rapoport believes the situation is not just about contracts.

San Francisco drafted running back Tyrion Davis-Price with its second pick (No. 93) in the 2022 NFL Draft, and Rapoport believes the selection was important in relieving some of Samuel’s running back responsibilities.

But McAfee asked Rapoport a question about the show that probably crossed everyone’s mind amidst this chaos.

“He wouldn’t mind being a ball carrier if they paid him too. Right?” McAfee asked.

“I don’t think so,” Rapoport replied. “I think it’s more career longevity and, you know, running backs, it hurts. You get hurt all the time. You have short careers… you see the contracts of the running backs, it’s different. As a receiver, these guys get paid like never before and you can play well into your thirties as a receiver.

Samuel did not participate in the activities organized by the 49ers team on Monday, which did not surprise anyone.

However, Shanahan told reporters Tuesday that he expects the wide receiver to attend the mandatory three-day minicamp next month.

But Rapoport isn’t as confident as Shanahan that Samuel will make an appearance.

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“That one, I don’t know,” Rapoport said. “You know, you can do it a lot of different ways. You can do that, you can roll back the hamstrings, the migraines, or you can make a bigger statement and say, “I’m not going to show up, fine me.” And then you usually know that if you get a contract they kind of wipe out the fines and that’s a possibility. If he’s there for minicamp, chances are the team will pull him aside and try to talk to him and try to work this out in person. So I think if he’s there it could go a long way in solving this problem, but I don’t know for sure if he’ll be there.

Samuel has become one of the most unique offensive threats the league has ever seen, and while some, including Shanahan, hope he stays with the 49ers, anything can happen.

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