The Young Bucks impersonate the Hardys and bring the WWE legend to AEW Rampage

The Young Bucks impersonate the Hardys and bring the WWE legend to AEW Rampage

Bryan Danielson and Matt Sydal kicked off tonight’s episode of AEW Rampage, then it was time for The Young Bucks, and they certainly made their entrance one to remember. The Young Bucks stepped out into the ring for their match against Taylor Rust and John Crews, but they weren’t dressed in their usual attire. Instead, they were dressed as Matt and Jeff Hardy, and they went all-in with their outfits and entrance, brilliantly impersonating The Hardys. They went above and beyond when they came in with The New Brood’s Gangrel, and when they finally got in the ring, they continued the schtick.

The Bucks would pull off some of The Hardy’s trademark moves and maneuvers, and while they fought, the Bucks would take the pin and win. Gangrel was getting in the ring and celebrating with the Bucks, but then they turned on him and started beating the WWE legend.

That’s when Matt and Jeff emerged from backstage and came to help Gangrel, and they were about to knock them out before Cutler interfered. Then the Hardys turned around and it gave Gangrel time to launch his own attack, and the three celebrated together in the ring.

Gangrel is most commonly associated with his legendary faction The Brood, and many have wondered why we never had a full reunion. In a previous interview with SEScoops, Gangrel was asked about reuniting with The Brood in WWE, and he said “No, I would talk to Edge, he would tell me he didn’t believe Vince McMahon believed people would remember The Brood, let alone myself.”

He also revealed that it took Edge a while for the Broodbath’s music to be erased. “[Vince is] very attached to certain things, so [Edge] told me he had to work about two and a half months so that the music could do a ‘Broodbath’, not a bloodbath because the networks wouldn’t have blood,” Gangrel said.

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