Announcement of the animated short Tales of the Jedi

Announcement of the animated short Tales of the Jedi

Logo for the upcoming Star Wars series, Tales of the Jedi.

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When it is not a question of devoting entire sagas to a specific character or faction, star wars comes out anthology adventures spanning different installments of George Lucas’ space opera. Star Wars Visions gave us a different look at all parts of the galaxy, but the upcoming anthology series takes a different route by focusing on a specific group of people. It’s true, we come back to the jedi.

Tales of the Jedi has been officially revealed at Star Wars Celebration on Saturday, which will be a new animated series giving us a look at different Jedi at different points in the religious order’s tumultuous history in the prequel era. David Filonia guide behind large animation tent poles The Clone Wars and rebels-in the same way The Mandalorian and the Coming Ahsoka series– serves as a writer and executive producer on this series, in case you need another reason to get excited.

Tales shares its title from a 35-issue Dark Horse comic series from the 90s. It became one of the first real attempts to build Star Wars’ Expanded Universe, focusing on Jedi whose lives predate the Original and Prequel Trilogies. This iteration of Tales are a series of shorts aimed at doing additional character work “in a way that I couldn’t do in clone wars“, said Filoni. By doing mandalorian, he also wrote Tales scripts to pass the time between flights. Finally he was asked by co-producer Carrie Beck if he could just do the thing.

Naturally, these shorts will feature fan favorites such as Ahsoka Tano, who we’ll see in a trio of separate shorts that span her entire life. One piece of concept art from the panel showed her as a youngster training at the Jedi Temple, and another saw her confronting an Inquisitor. A 15 minute short film titled “Life and Death projected on the panel, and focused on the beginning, the pre-apprentice life of Ahsoka. It also featured scenes involving his mother, who will be voiced by 2017 star Janina Gavankar. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Game.

Another character to receive his own shorts will be Count Dooku, at a time before he became a Sith who was told he was demoted by decapitation. Its three stories will feature Mace Windu and his apprentice, a young Qui-Gon Jinn who will be voiced not by one, but by of them Neon lights. Liam will return to reprise the role, while his son Michael will voice a younger version of the character.

New Tales may not entirely scratch the itch these old stories did back then, but they should do a much better job of making the Jedi prequel era as cool as the franchise. wants you to think they are most of the time. Look for Tales of the Jedi to hit Disney+ this fall.

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