Field Of 64 2022 screenings: May 29 • D1Baseball

Field Of 64 2022 screenings: May 29 • D1Baseball


• Mark Etheridge Conference Tournament Diary
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Here are the latest projections after Saturday’s action, put together by our Kendall Rogers, Aaron Fitt and Mark Etheridge.


The following automatic bids were obtained in Saturday’s conference title games:

East America: Binghamton (no change from Saturday morning screening)
Atlantic 10: VCU (no change from yesterday’s projection)
A SUN: Kennesaw State (replaces Liberty from yesterday’s screening after beating Flames in the Finals)
Great South: Campbell (no change)
Horizon: State of Wright (no change)
West Mountain: Air Force (no change)
Ohio Valley: Southeast Missouri State (replaces Belmont after beating the Bruins in the Finals)
South Land: Southeast Louisiana (replaces McNeese after beating the Cowboys in the Finals)
COE: San Diego (replaces Gonzaga after beating Zags in the Finals)

Today’s field of 64 features the following changes to our projected automatic qualifiers since yesterday, with these conference tournament champions yet to be crowned:

AAC: Hofstra replaces College of Charleston (Pride will face Northeastern on Sunday for the title, but the Huskies must win twice to claim the offer)

Big Ten: Rutgers replaces Maryland (Terps still at general but was eliminated from the tournament on Saturday. Rutgers will face the winner of Iowa/Michigan in the final. If the Scarlet Knights lose, they should take a general offer, which makes the Big Ten a league to three candidates)

United States Conference: Louisiana Tech replaces Southern Miss (Golden Eagles still overall. Tech faces UTSA for the title on Sunday)

Missouri Valley: Missouri State replaces Evansville (Aces were eliminated Saturday; Bears face Southern Illinois for title Sunday, but Salukis expected to win twice)

Solar Belt: Georgia Southern replaces Texas State (the Bobcats were eliminated on Saturday; the Eagles face Louisiana for the title on Sunday, and if the Cajuns win, it becomes a four-candidate league, with Texas State, Georgia Southern and Coastal getting berths overall )


STOLEN OFFERS: The bubble shrank two more spots on Saturday when Kennesaw State and San Diego won automatic bids, forcing Liberty and Gonzaga from the automatic qualifying group to the overall group. Kennesaw and USD were legit contenders at large anyway, but the two likely would have ended up just outside the 64 field if they hadn’t gotten auto offers. Gonzaga is an ironclad lock for a berth off, of course, and Liberty should be just fine with a No. 33 RPI and strong showing in both the regular season standings and the conference tournament.

Another at-large spot could be gone if Rutgers don’t win the Big Ten tournament on Sunday, as the Scarlet Knights are a strong bet for an at-large spot. And as noted above, Louisiana could also reduce the at-large pool by beating Georgia Southern in the Sun Belt.

• C-USA contenders Louisiana Tech and UTSA both rose through the ranks on Saturday, as the Roadrunners knocked out top seed Southern Miss and the Bulldogs sacked Old Dominion. Louisiana Tech now looks safe and UTSA moves from the #63 team to the #61, passing Liberty (which has a very strong case but is still the #62 team, which shows how bad the bubble is tight this year).

• Dallas Baptist tumbles down our ladder after being eliminated from the MVC tournament with a 1-2 score. DBU has a few advantages: a No. 22 RPI ranking, a 13-9 mark against the RPI top 50, which is bolstered by his strong non-conference resume. That includes a Southern Miss sweep, a road series win at San Diego and a home series win over Maryland – all three of which will be in regionals and two of which will be hosts. But a few things undermine those strengths: an unimpressive overall rating of 12-11-1 in the Valley (not exactly a conference first) and the fact that the Patriots have lost more conference series (four) than they’ve lost. won (three). Will the non-conference body of work outweigh the lackluster conference body of work? Probably… but if the bubble shrinks a bit more, it could get risky.

• Old Dominion won 1-1 over Louisiana Tech to finish with a 22-13 overall mark in C-USA, a 41-17 overall record and a No. 42 RPI. Pretty solid CV, but with this tight bubble, the monarchs find themselves on the brink, and if the bubble shrinks further on Sunday, they could be in trouble. For now, this is our last team.

• West Virginia and the Grand Canyon are ousted with RPIs of #50 and #51, respectively. WVU went 14-10 in the regular season in a power conference, but really hurt their cause with an 0-2 performance in the Big 12. Add to that an RPI issue and it’s not very beautiful for mountaineers. The Grand Canyon won their regular season title, but their exit from the WAC tournament against Abilene Christian before the conference title game leaves them in a precarious situation. Lopes went 7-5 against the top 50, but history suggests a WAC team outside the top 50 is unlikely to grab a spot at large.


Here are the last four teams on the pitch, as well as the top four teams from the latest screening.



62. Freedom

63. Dallas Baptist

64. Old Dominion


65. Grand Canyon

66. West Virginia


68. Ole Miss


• Losses to Southern Miss and Notre Dame on Saturday opened the door for Miami to drop back into the top eight seeds. The Golden Eagles have slid all day to No. 19 in the RPI, which just seems too low for a top-eight seed in a non-power-four conference, despite the regular season title of the USM in C-USA. Miami and Notre Dame therefore get our final two spots in the top eight, with the Hurricanes moving ahead of the Irish in the pecking order thanks to a conference-best overall record (20-12 to 18-12) and head-to-head advantage. of the lead (Miami took two out of three from the Irish last weekend). For now, the Irish retain their top-eight spot, but Texas could knock them out of the top eight if they can win the Big 12 tournament on Sunday.

• Two changes from yesterday in our hosting pool: Oklahoma State and Florida are replacing TCU and LSU as hosts. OSU beat Texas on Saturday but then lost to the Longhorns in a rematch, but the pair of games helped the Cowboys in the RPI; they now have eight spots at No. 10, which should be good enough to host when combined with their Big 12 record. Florida beat Texas A&M to reach the SEC title game; the Gators are now 4-1 at Hoover, taking their overall SEC record to 19-16 and improving their RPI to No. 12. Win or lose Sunday against Tennessee, the Gators are likely in home position now.

LSU fell to 25th in the RPI after being eliminated from the SEC tournament by Kentucky on Saturday, and that RPI is probably too low to accommodate a team that did not win its division, even if the Tigers went 18-15 in the total in the SEC. TCU is pinning its hopes on its Big 12 regular season title, but we suspect its No. 36 RPI will ultimately be its hosting downfall. Oklahoma State’s 3-2 performance in the conference tournament allowed them to overtake the Horned Frogs in the pecking order, given their 26-spot advantage in the RPI. And Georgia Southern reaching the championship game in the Sun Belt tournament likely secured the Eagles (No. 8 RPI) a host spot, likely wiping out TCU’s chances of being a third Big 12 host. North Carolina’s win over Notre Saturday, Dame secured the No. 4 RPI Tar Heels as host, eliminating any chance the Frogs could host the Heels. The Big 12 regular-season champion has hosted every year since the 64-team era began in 1999, but we’re betting that streak ends this year, due to TCU’s RPI issue.

D1Baseball Champ projected 64: May 29
1 Tennessee* (1) 1 South Georgia* (16)
4 State of Alabama* 4 Colombia*
2 Wake Forest 2 Georgia
3 Kennesaw State* 3 State of Florida
1 Stanford* (2) 1 Florida (15)
4 State of New Mexico* 4 State of Missouri*
2 Georgia Tech 2 TCUs
3 San Diego* 3 Campbells*
1 Virginia Tech (3) 1 Oklahoma State (14)
4 Coppin state* 4 Southeastern State of Missouri*
2UCLA 2 Arkansas
3 VCUs* 3 Dallas Baptist
1 State of Oregon (4) 1 East Carolina* (12)
4 Air Force* 4 Hofstra*
2 Gonzaga 2 NC Status
3 UC Santa Barbara* 3 Woffords*
1 Texas A&M (5) 1 Louisville (12)
4 Long Island* 4 ball state*
2 Oklahoma 2 LMU
3 UTSA 3 Former Dominion
1 Maryland* (6) 1 North Carolina (11)
4 Canisius* 4 Army*
2 Virginia 2 Vanderbilts
3 Freedom 3 Coastal Carolina
1 Miami(7) 1 Miss South (10)
4 Binghamtons* 4 SE Louisiana*
2 Texas Tech 2 Auburn
3 Rutgers* 3 arizona
1 Notre Dame (8) 1 Texas (9)
4 Wright’s State* 4 Oral Roberts*
2 Oregon 2 State of Texas
3 Connecticut* 3 Louisiana Tech*

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