Tony Khan won’t comment on MJF’s situation, but MJF would have

Tony Khan won’t comment on MJF’s situation, but MJF would have

It took a while, but AEW chief honcho Tony Khan was finally asked about Maxwell Jacob Friedman during the post-double or nothing media scrum. Friedman, 24, failing to show up for a meeting scheduled for Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas was just the latest evidence of ongoing tensions between MJF and his boss, and kicked off a wild weekend of rumors and speculation about the status of the young star. for the Sunday, May 29 PPV.

Khan’s response?

“I’m not going to comment on that. I have a lot of pay-per-view things I can comment on, but I’m not going to comment on that.

People will read what they want. And you can add the message Max had for Fightful to your work/shoot calculations. Sean Ross Sapp tweeted this:

“MJF told us he showed up shortly before his game, left right after and had a lot to think about.

“I haven’t been able to verify this with other people on the show, or if it was planned/approved/suggested by AEW.”

The important thing for now is that Friedman showed up, earning a year-long angle that cemented Wardlow as a major star for AEW. Was the MJF drama used to promote this, and when did all parties agree on how it would happen? This will continue to be speculated by fans and media types.

As of now, PWInsider and Wrestling Observer Radio agree that Friedman will not be traveling with AEW or appearing on television for the next few weeks, and “maybe longer.”

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