Tom Cruise didn’t want to do the ‘Top Gun’ sequel

Tom Cruise didn’t want to do the ‘Top Gun’ sequel

Director Joseph Kosinski says he only has 30 minutes to convince Tom Cruise to star in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.

Revealing that Cruise “really didn’t want” to do a sequel to the 1986 hit blockbuster, Kosinski met the actor in Paris where he had just half an hour to pitch the project.

“So I read the script, I had a few ideas, and Jerry [Bruckheimer] liked these ideas. He said, ‘You know what, you gotta go introduce it straight to Tom,’” Kosinski told Polygon.

Tom Cruise at
According to director Joseph Kosinski, Tom Cruise was initially not interested in making a “Top Gun” sequel.
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“We flew to Paris, where Tom was filming Mission: Impossible, we had about half an hour of his time between sets.”

“And I basically had 30 minutes to pitch this movie, which I didn’t realize when we were flying over. But when I got there, I found out that Tom really didn’t want to do another Top Gun,” he explained.

“It’s one of those moments as a director, you have one on every movie, where you’re there to explain why that movie should be made. I had 30 minutes to do it,” he said. he stated at the point of sale.

“When I got there I found out that Tom really didn’t want to do another ‘Top Gun’.”

Joseph Kosinsky

After Kosinski finished his speech, he recalled Cruise picking up his phone and calling the Paramount Pictures manager.

“We’re making another Top Gun,” Cruise told executives, according to Kosinski.

Kosinski said it was “pretty impressive to see the power of a real movie star at that time.”

Joseph Kosinski and Tom Cruise attend the photocall of
Kosinski said he only had 30 minutes to pitch “Top Gun: Maverick” to Cruise.

The director also revealed why the film is titled “Top Gun: Maverick” rather than a sequel to the first film.

“I just got the title, you know, which I think sums it all up,” he told Polygon. “We’re not going to call it ‘Top Gun 2’, we’re going to call it ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.”

He added that the movie is a “character driven story, a drama with this giant action movie around it. And that to me was what a Top Gun movie is.

Tom Cruise played Pete
Tom Cruise played Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the 1986 film.
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In its first three days in North American theaters, the upcoming sequel earned an estimated $124 million in ticket sales, Paramount Pictures said Sunday. Including international projections, its worldwide total is $248 million.

The buildup has been equally flashy, with premieres adorned with fighter jets on an aircraft carrier in San Diego and at the Cannes Film Festival, where Cruise also received an honorary Palme d’Or, and a royal premiere in London. attended by Prince William and his wife Kate.

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