UTA promotes 26 UTA partners;  Biggest Partner Promotions in Agency History – Deadline

UTA promotes 26 UTA partners; Biggest Partner Promotions in Agency History – Deadline

UTA has elevated 26 colleagues to partners, representing more than 15 business divisions and functions. This is the largest partner class announced in UTA’s 31-year history.

The list of new UTA partners announced today is:

  • David Anderson – MediaLink
  • Robert Arakelian – Production Arts
  • Natasha Bolouki – Unscripted Television
  • Rob Carlson – Film Literature
  • David Evenchick – UTA Speakers
  • Mike “G” Guirguis – Music
  • Julian Jacobs – MediaLink
  • Joe Kessler – UTA IQ
  • Andrew Lear – Unscripted Television
  • Fara Leff – Klutch Sports Group
  • Jbeau Lewis-Music
  • Jenny Maryasis – Film Literature
  • Matthew Morgan – Music
  • Raina Penchansky – Digital Brand Architects
  • Jason Richman – Media Rights
  • Laura Roenick-Human Resources
  • Michael Rubi – Production Arts
  • Scott Schachter – Talent
  • Phil Voss – Legal
  • Matt Waldstein – Business Affairs
  • Toni Wallace-Music
  • Sam Wick – Ventures
  • Ruth-Ann Wynter – Human Resources

“As UTA ​​continues to grow, the leadership, hard work, mentorship and dedication of these colleagues helps drive our business forward every day,” said UTA Co-Chairman David Kramer. “This class of partners encompasses a wide range of expertise and experience and reflects our commitment to providing clients with best-in-class representation and resources across all areas of the business.”

New partners include agents and executives from UTA’s literary and film talent groups, unscripted television, corporate, production arts, sports, MediaLink, media rights, UTA speakers, digital talents, UTA IQ and music, as well as corporate functions such as legal and human resources.

The class also includes three recently announced partners with Stefanie Liquori as General Counsel, Carmen Bona as Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer and Richard Siklos as Chief Communications Officer. More than forty percent of the 26 new partners in 2022 identify as women or people of color.

Over the past year, including these partners, UTA has promoted over 125 people during a period of significant growth and evolution. In December 2021, UTA acquired MediaLink, one of the most trusted and connected strategic consulting firms in the media and marketing landscape. Additionally, UTA and its partner company Klutch Sports Group announced the establishment of a substantial on-the-ground presence in Atlanta, making UTA the first of the industry’s largest talent, sports and entertainment companies to establish a full-service base of operations in the city. UTA also plans to establish a second UTA Artist Space gallery in its new Atlanta offices. The move intensifies UTA’s work on behalf of leading artists, athletes, musicians and brands with strong ties to the region.

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