Vettel tells media to ‘give Mick Schumacher a break’ after crash

Vettel tells media to ‘give Mick Schumacher a break’ after crash

Contents: Sebastian Vettel thinks Mick Schumacher is getting too much criticism from journalists.

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Vettel defends Schumacher after Monaco crash

After Mick Schumacher’s heavy crash at the Monaco Grand Prix, Vettel urged the media not to give him a hard time.

“It’s so easy to get it wrong so quickly,” said the four-time world champion. “I don’t know exactly what happened to him, I didn’t see him. But the main thing is that he’s fine.

Along with Williams driver Nicholas Latifi, Schumacher is one of two drivers to have started all races this year without scoring a point. Teammate Kevin Magnussen, who pulled out of Sunday’s race due to a failed MGU-K, is tenth in the standings with 15 points.

Vettel said it was clear Schumacher could improve his game. declared. “But I think you need to give him some breathing room.”

Saving at the chicane was “pretty scary” – Zhou

Zhou Guanyu described the moment he almost lost control of his Alfa Romeo at the chicane as “pretty scary”. He was trying to outrun Yuki Tsunoda at the time.

“It wasn’t too cool in the cockpit, it was pretty scary in the moment,” he said afterwards. “It will be nice to take a look at the replay.”

“It was tough out there,” said Zhou, who finished the race 16th. “Obviously it was very humid inside and there’s not a lot of suction. So that was probably the closest trick I got to Yuki, so I really had to dive inside at the last minute.

“Unfortunately he tried to cover up a bit and for the time being I tried to avoid hitting the wet area. I was about to keep the car on track there.

“The rules [say] Say you gotta leave the past before [turn] 12 and then I didn’t really have a release and Latifi got me. But I don’t think it really matters. At least I tried to bring a position.

Alpine expects a difficult weekend in Monaco

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi said the team’s difficult weekend in Monaco came as no surprise. Fernando Alonso, who finished seventh, brought the team’s only points of the day.

“As a team, we expected it to be a difficult weekend on a circuit with so many low-speed corners, which doesn’t tend to suit our car,” Rossi said.

He said the team had found useful settings for their A522 in Monaco. “We had to dig deep all weekend to make improvements between Friday and Saturday which not only helped us this weekend but also bodes well for the future where we can take this knowledge forward by adapting our car to all types of tracks.”

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