MJF disappeared from the AEW roster

MJF disappeared from the AEW roster

Last night’s most talked about segment (June 1) dynamite involved MJF blurring the lines of reality and kayfabe angrily airing his grievances about Tony Khan not paying him enough money. The segment ended with MJF calling Khan a “brand fucker” and demanding to be fired before his mic was cut.

This followed weeks of rumors indicating that the relationship between MJF and Khan had legitimately broken down over a contract dispute. Last night’s promo from MJF made it clear that it’s all been turned into a work at this point, if it was ever a shoot to begin with.

AEW did their part to make their profanity-laden tirade seem unplanned by keeping clips of the MJF promo off of their Twitter and YouTube. The commentary team didn’t sell everything and carried on with the show as if nothing had happened.

AEW doubled down on the angle by now removing MJF from the official roster page on their website today.

And good luck trying to find MJF merchandising on ShopAEW, as it looks like it got wiped from there as well.

Wardlow was temporarily removed from the AEW roster not too long ago, so AEW has used this trick before. But there’s no obvious short-term match that this angle is heading towards to reset things. AEW seems to be playing the long game here.

What do you think will be the next chapter in the MJF/AEW drama, Cagesiders?

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