An album with Jeff Beck

An album with Jeff Beck

Johnny Depp is planning an official showbiz comeback after his victorious showdown with his ex-wife Amber Heard – a new album with guitar god Jeff Beck.

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star has already joined the ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ rocker on a series of high-profile UK concerts – even missing the court verdict that he was defamed by his ex.

Hard-living Depp, 58, didn’t mention his $10million win in his last appearance, at Gateshead – but his pal Beck did refer to it, according to the BBC, who quoted him as saying : “What a result.”

The guitar maestro then revealed what his Hollywood star pal is up to next – teasing the crowd about the upcoming album while gushing about their friendship.

“I met this guy five years ago and we’ve never stopped laughing since,” Beck told the crowd, according to the BBC.

“Actually, we made an album. I don’t know how it happened. It will be released in July,” he said.

Johnny Deop performs at the Royal Albert Hall
Johnny Depp joined Jeff Beck to perform at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday evening.
UnBoxPHD / SplashNews.com
Johnny Depp actor
A new album is due out in July.
P. Donovan via REUTERS

The couple already released their first duet single, a cover of John Lennon’s “Isolation,” in April, calling themselves “musical soulmates.”

At the time, Beck explained that they “have been working on music together for a while now.”

“You’ll hear more from Johnny and I in a bit,” Yardbird fans teased at the time.

Depp has increasingly turned his back on Hollywood to focus on music – calling it his first love – most famously in Hollywood’s Vampires with Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry.

British guitarist and musician Jeff Beck
Beck (right) called himself and Depp “musical soulmates”.
STR/AFP via Getty Images

He was clearly “having fun” on Thursday’s show, Beck fan James Pallister, 32, told the BBC.

“He looked really happy. He seemed to be in a great place,” he said. “The crowd was behind him and I think he gave people what they wanted to see.”

Miya Wright, 28, told the broadcaster she only got tickets to the concert after seeing the actor was in town and likely to appear.

Johnny Depp leaves the Sage concert hall after performing with Jeff Beck in Gateshead, England,
Depp didn’t mention his $10 million win in his last appearance, at Gateshead.
AP Photo/Scott Hepell

“I’ve been a huge fan of his since I was about 10,” she said. “And it’s just mind-boggling that he’s here.”

However, not all fans of the show were so impressed.

Johnny Depp, Jeff Beck
Beck (back, center) said the duo plan to release an album in July.
Angie Jenkinson

“Jeff Beck was excellent,” Nick Rowe, 64, told the BBC.

“What ruined the whole evening was Mr. Depp’s talentlessness. He was like a drunken pub singer at one point. I don’t know what Jeff Beck is thinking,” he said about the legendary rocker, considered by many to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Seven Virginia jurors ruled in favor of Depp on Wednesday on his three claims related to a Washington Post op-ed Heard wrote about becoming a “public figure representing domestic violence” after the couple separated.

The verdict capped a six-week trial filled with allegations of abuse on both sides.

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