Jared Leto recognizes Morbius Meme, immediately ruins it

Jared Leto recognizes Morbius Meme, immediately ruins it

Jared Leto as Morbius in the titular superhero film.

Image: Sony/Marvel Pictures

Earlier in the week, Sony announced plans to release their vampire/superhero movie Morbius back in theaters this weekend. The film – which, in case you forgot, only came out about two months ago – starred Jared Leto as titular doctor Michael Morbius and was honestly nothing special. Surely there are worse superhero movies out there, but better ones too, and the box office reflected that pretty easily at the time. But the movie has become a Twitter meme for the past few weeks, and that meme is sadly now ruined, as both Leto and Sony tried to get in on the joke.

On Friday, Leto posted a video of himself watching a script. After pretending to hide it from the cameraman, the title page appears: Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’s time, written by Bartholomew Cubbins. “It’s Morbin’ Time,” if you don’t know, has become the memetic phrase used whenever the movie is released on social media. He, with the movie have a draw on both last-gen and current-gen consoles, are two of the biggest movie-related memes, and the phrase is honestly quite fun to say in a particular way.

Leto’s video, however, isn’t particularly funny. Part of it is hoarding; if he might have tweeted ahead of Sony’s official confirmation of the film’s return to theaters, then the video, maybe that would have been laughable. Heck, if he had just done a few more VOs for a trailer, it could have been delightfully absurd. But the biggest problem is that he tries to be in on the joke in a very “dad using slang he heard from his kids” way. It would have been equally awkward if he had posted his own Morbius fancam. (The Movie Twitter does a little better at being self-aware, though.)

are rarely forever funny memes after the subject itself tries to recognize them. It’s still what makes Sony’s decision to re-release the film all the more bizarre, if not fascinating. Maybe Sony knows they’re being laughed at and rocked anyway, or they don’t. Both storylines are equally fun, but we’ll see how it ends up working in their favor when we get box office reports. Until then, it is unfortunately no longer Morbin’s time. It was fun as long as it lasted.

[Correction: 12:12 PM ET: This post previously said that the film was coming to theaters again on July 1. Not true! It’s actually being re-released right now, and has been changed to reflect that.]

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