‘Ted Lasso’ Could End With Season 3, Says Brett Goldstein

‘Ted Lasso’ Could End With Season 3, Says Brett Goldstein

Brett Goldstein, who serves as a writer on “Ted Lasso” and plays Roy Kent, said the show’s third season is being written like the last.

“We write it like that,” he told The Sunday Times when asked if Season 3 would be the end. “It was planned for three. Spoiler alert – everyone dies.

Goldstein’s comments are consistent with what other members of the “Ted Lasso” team have said in the past. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2021, co-creator and star Jason Sudeikis also said he saw the show come to an end after three seasons, although he hinted he might be ready to go further. if others had ideas and the opportunity arose.

“The story I know is the one I wanted to tell, and so it’s the one we’re telling with the help of a lot of people in front of and behind the camera, so it’s by no means me hitting every key and says every word,” he said. “It’s far from like that. But the story that’s being told — this three-season arc — is the one I see and know and understand. I’m glad whether they’re willing to pay for those three seasons. As for what happens after that, who knows? I don’t know.”

“Ted Lasso” was developed by Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly based on a character Sudeikis originally played in commercials for NBC Sports. The series debuted in August 2020 and quickly became a flagship series attracting wider audiences on Apple TV+, which launched less than a year earlier. Season 2 premiered in July 2021. Season 3 is currently in production and is expected to premiere later in 2022.

Apple TV+ did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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