Warriors’ Draymond Green got under the Celtics’ skin with antics

Warriors’ Draymond Green got under the Celtics’ skin with antics

Here’s a good tip: whenever a sports journalist is forced to use a “not concerned with” or “not bothered with” headline, something has gone seriously wrong, either in-game or in the process. reporting.

Horford, who scored two points on Sunday after exploding for 26 in Game 1, was about the only person at Celtics World to keep the front. Boston fans were furious at some admittedly very annoying comments Green made on ‘SportsCenter’ after the game about how he is.”deserved differential treatment.“Horford’s own sister said that “If Draymond can’t outplay an opponent, he’s just resorting to dirty play.”

By far the incident that garnered the most attention came when Green and Jaylen Brown got tangled late in the first half, and Green, with technique already, correctly assumed he might get tangled up. draw with more because the referees would be reluctant to eject him at the start of a finals match.

After the match, Brown admitted the incident was under his skin.

“I feel like it was illegal gambling,” Brown told reporters. “I feel like they could have called it, but they let it down technically anyway. But I don’t know what I was supposed to do there. Someone put their legs on top of your head and then he tried to pull my pants down I don’t know what it was.

It wasn’t the only play that disgruntled Celtics fans grabbed as Zapruder’s flick. A replay makes it look like Green is setting two or maybe even three moving screens; in any event, it resulted in the unpardonable sin of a one-covered Steph Curry getting a relatively open three at the start of a possession. With the game already decided, Green was also filmed abusing Grant Williams with a surprisingly PG-rated insult.

That’s who Draymond is, and the Celtics better get used to it, otherwise home-court advantage won’t mean much. After complaining about the lack of technology, Brown admitted it.

“That’s what Draymond is going to do,” Brown said. “He’ll try to mess things up, he’ll try to pull your arm, whatever, whatever it takes to win. That’s what he’s made a career out of, respect for him. But for the right now, I don’t have time for that.”

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