Neve Campbell Confirms She Won’t Return For ‘Scream 6’ With Official Statement

Neve Campbell Confirms She Won’t Return For ‘Scream 6’ With Official Statement

The All-Horror Streaming Service SCREAMBOX is now powered by Bloody Disgusting, and we’re excited to let you know that the next SCREAMBOX Original is PussyCakea gore-fest from Argentina that will be available digitally and for streaming on Screambox August 30!

With respect to many 80s classics we love, including Sam Raimi evil Dead(!), Pablo ParesPussyCake promises monsters, inter-dimensional travel, heartbreaking music and of course, lots of gore.

Watch the PussyCake trailer below to whet your appetite for this wild Argentinian splash fest!

In the film, a struggling all-girl rock band embarks on a new tour, hoping to rekindle their popularity. Things start off badly, however, when they show up for their first gig to find the town deserted. After attracting the attention of horrors beyond our reality, the band realizes that being overlooked by their fans is the least of their problems.

ScreenAnarchy loved it PussyCake of the Fantaspoa premiere, calling it “pure, uncut Midnighter fodder”, further adding that it’s “absolutely frenetic, manic, absurd and quirky!”

Maca Suarez (The accused), Anahi Politi (crystal eyes), and Flora Moreno (The guts that talk) star alongside newcomers Aldana Ruberto and Sophie Rossi.

“PussyCake is a wild, crazy ride delivering all the gory goodness and we’re excited to share the mayhem with horror fans on SCREAMBOX and beyond,” said Cinedigm Director of Acquisitions Brandon Hill.

Cinedigm has acquired all North American rights to the horror film PussyCake, by Raven Banner released from the Cannes market. It was directed by an Argentinian horror expert Pablo Pares (Plaga Zombie). The film premiered at Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre in December, where it won the People’s Choice Award for Best Feature Film, and then premiered at the Night Visions film festival in Finland in April. After several other festival engagements, PussyCake will be released on VOD and on Cinedigm’s horror streaming service Screambox this summer.

In addition to streaming on VOD platforms such as Apple, Amazon Prime Video, Google, Vudu, and Xbox, PussyCake will debut on Cinedigm’s horror streaming channel SCREAMBOX. SCREAMBOX offers a wide range of content for casual and hardcore horror fans. The service is refreshed monthly with content from the company’s extensive genre library with movies and episodes delivering every type of terror imaginable – supernatural, slasher, zombie, and more. Screambox is available to stream on iOS, Android, Prime Video, YouTube TV, Comcast, and shoutbox.com.

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