Nick Cannon announces he’s expecting more children this year

Nick Cannon announces he’s expecting more children this year

Somebody fetch Nick Cannon’s stork from a vet because that poor bird’s back is probably in pain. The masked singer the host went on the lip service podcast on Tuesday and answered a few questions about rumors that he has more babies on the way.

“When you say ‘on the way . . . ‘ What count are you on? Let’s just put it this way . . . the stork is on its way,” Cannon said. Responding to a question that he may have three children this year he added: “I don’t know, it could be.”

Cannon joked, “If you thought there were a lot of kids last year. . . referring to the three babies he welcomed with two different women in 2021.

Cannon said he went to therapy and attempted celibacy last fall, although he admits it didn’t last as he was depressed over the loss of his son Zen, who died Dec. brain cancer.

“The thing is, everyone saw I was so depressed and they said, ‘Just give her a little vagina and it’ll heal everything,'” Cannon explained with a chuckle. “I fell victim to it because I was in a weak state.”

“So in December, especially right before Christmas, I started fucking like crazy…So I broke up my celibacy,” Cannon added. “But I was probably single for a month and a half. I was trying to do that. I had a new show, a new energy, I was dealing with a lot of things.

Along with the birth (and unfortunate death) of Zen with Alyssa Scott, he also welcomed twins Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa last June. Cannon is also the father of twins Monroe and Moroccan with Mariah Carey, Golden and Powerful with Brittany Bell, and announced in January that he was expecting his eighth child with model Bre Tiesi.

If we do the math right, Cannon’s child count could hit double digits later this year.

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