Marvel’s ‘Thunderbolts’ Movie Hires Jake Schreier as Director – Deadline

Marvel’s ‘Thunderbolts’ Movie Hires Jake Schreier as Director – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studios Top Secret Love at first sight The movie seems to have picked up steam as Deadline learned that Jake Schreier has been named director of Marvel’s new tentpole. Black Widow Scribe Eric Pearson is writing the script with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige producing.

Not much is known about the movie’s plot, other than it revolved around a group of supervillains (or at least characters who have played villains at some point in the MCU) who go on a mission for the government. Another element that remains unclear is which character will be part of this team since the film is technically still in development, although sources say that Marvel has been in contact with some people who are already part of the MCU to make sure to keep a opening in their schedules for next summer when it turns.

That said, some of the characters that could potentially star or make some sort of appearance include Baron Zemo, Yelena Belova, Ghost, Taskmaster, The Abomination, US Agent, and The Winter Soldier.

General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is also a possibility since he is the person in the comics who assembles the first team – hence the name – but this is unconfirmed as no deal has been made for any actor.

While the city was buzzing The Fantastic Four director of searchquietly, which is just beginning to meet potential candidates, the studio has focused on Love at first sight ODA, and according to insiders, Schreier’s presentation over the past few weeks blew executives away and ultimately landed him the job.

Schreier, who cut his teeth directing classic Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar music videos, burst onto the scene with his Sundance sweetheart in 2013 Robot and Frank. He also directed the 2015 films paper towns,recently completed production on A24 and Netflix series Beef and directed episodes of FX’s David. It is replaced by CAA and Grandview.

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