Nick Cannon confirms he’s expecting more kids this year

Nick Cannon confirms he’s expecting more kids this year

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Nick Cannon has many children, including three born last year – but he hasn’t finished adding to the Cannon brood. Despite his attempts at celibacy and his public consideration of a vasectomy, the actor, talk show host and most fertile man is expecting more children by the end of 2022.

In case you’ve lost count, Cannon currently shares twins Roc and Roe with Mariah Carey; son Golden and daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell; twins Zillion Heir and Zion Mixolydian with Abby De La Rosa; and recently lost his youngest son, Zen, whom he shared with Alyssa Scott. In January, he confirmed he was expecting his eighth child, a baby boy, with Bre Tiesi. Now, six months later, Cannon has suggested that there are more children on the way during an appearance on the lip service podcast. “The stork is on its way,” he said. Although he refrained from confirming how many more kids might be coming, he joked, “If you thought there were a lot of kids last year,” presumably referring to 2021, when Zion Mixolydian, Zillion Heir and Zen were born.

So far, Cannon has not officially confirmed that he is the father of Tiesi’s baby. But after De La Rosa announced she was pregnant with her third child earlier this week, TMZ reported that he was also the father. And based on his comments on lip service, there may be more on the way. Speaking about his attempt at celibacy and his son’s death, Cannon admitted he did so about a month and a half after announcing his celibacy in October 2021. “I haven’t even gotten to [January]. I was supposed to reach the top of the year. Then I obviously started going through some things,” he said. “I was depressed about the loss of my son. So in December…the thing is, everyone saw that I was depressed, so everyone was like, ‘Let’s just give him a little vagina, and it will cure everything.” , “just before Christmas, I started fucking like crazy.”

When co-host Gigi Maguire asked if that meant Cannon was expecting more babies in the fall, Cannon laughed and said, “You’re all really good at math,” but refused to say anything about it. more. Assuming Cannon was referring to his third child with De La Rosa, that means he will have welcomed six children from four different women in two years. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Although he told E! News in May that he wasn’t “seeking to fully populate the Earth” and had gotten a “vasectomy consultation,” a recent Instagram post seems to suggest there may still be more children in the world. coming. “I pray that all my next wives / have the strength of all my ex-wives,” he wrote with a spoken prayer shared on Instagram on June 5. “I pray they want a family and not just a plan B.” Not exactly the words of a man contemplating a vasectomy.

Unless, of course, by vasectomy you mean a cocktail created by Ryan Reynolds for a special Father’s Day ad for his Aviation Gin featuring Hollywood’s most fertile man. “It’s almost Father’s Day, and the one and only Ryan Reynolds has asked me to help us celebrate with the mother of all cocktails: vasectomy,” Cannon says in the ad. “The Lord knows I need it.”

The ad is actually a reimagining of the one Reynolds himself starred in for Father’s Day last year. In the 2021 ad, Reynolds was making the same “mother of all cocktails” and wearing the same orange polo shirt. Apparently dad jokes are still dad jokes no matter how many kids you have.

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