Does walking build muscle?  |  Live Science

Does walking build muscle? | Live Science

Whether you’re a regular gym-goer with muscle-building constantly in mind or a fitness tracker with your eyes fixed on those 10,000 daily, you’ll surely have thought, does walking build muscle? she the muscles? After all, it’s our most regular form of exercise, and for some who might find it difficult to lift weights or do intense cardio, the only form that can be undertaken.

“Walking is primarily considered a low-intensity form of cardiovascular exercise,” says Brett Starkowitz, master trainer and education manager at Ten Health & Fitness. (opens in a new tab). “It generally does not cause significant changes in muscle mass or tone.” Well that’s it then, isn’t it? Well, not quite, so don’t stop looking for the best treadmills. (opens in a new tab) just now.

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