777 Charlie review: An adorable canine star steals hearts in this Rakshit Shetty movie

777 Charlie review: An adorable canine star steals hearts in this Rakshit Shetty movie

The cast of the movie 777 Charlie: Rakshit Shetty, Raj B. Shetty
Director of the movie 777 Charlie: Kiranraj K
Rating of the movie 777 Charlie: 3 stars

If you have or have ever had a dog in your life, you can’t help but be biased towards 777 Charlie. The latest film starring Kannada movie star Rakshit Shetty is about a reclusive man, who finds redemption in a four-legged princess named Charlie.

If you had or have a dog, you know that the term “pet” is an understatement to describe your relationship with the animal. It’s your family. And 777 Charlie just conjures up the right emotions when you watch some of the naughty stunts Charlie pulls off without thinking twice about the consequences. Because Charlie knows there is Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) behind him to pick up his damage.

Dharma lives a life that is not at all enviable. He is completely unapproachable, unpresentable and uncompromising when it comes to closing doors to people who seek his company. His house is nothing but a pile of garbage. The mess does not affect Dharma, as he seems unable to feel anything. He lost his parents and a younger sister in a car accident at a very young age. He grew up to be a bitter man. It is full of contradictions. He’s a Charlie Chaplin fan but he never smiles. He is an exemplary worker, who leads an unpleasant life. He has a good heart but never really cares about anyone. It makes more noise than harm.

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But Dharma’s life changes when Charlie escapes his abusive owner and walks right into his life. Charlie sees something in the Dharma that he doesn’t see in himself. Charlie adopts Dharma as a parent and adds some life to his life. The two outcasts, who have been battered by life, find a savior in each other. And they both embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

777 Charlie the review

Charlie is the heart and soul of the film. And this canine actor delivered some of the most adorable and enjoyable moments we’ve seen in a long time. Every wide look, every hug and every other funny reaction is so full of charms. Rakshit Shetty plays a supporting role to Charlie; he, as a fellow actor, understands and respects that this film belongs to the canine star.

Director Kiranraj K has bathed Charlie’s world in hues of soft, warm blue light filling every frame with a sense of calm. The color scheme mimics the weather of Bengaluru during the monsoon and thus assumes a dreamlike quality. Composer Nobin Paul’s tunes blend seamlessly with Kiranraj’s vision, enhancing the feel-good elements of the film.

Chaos, relentless violence, and slaughter by guns of all shapes and sizes has mostly been our staple cinematic experience this year so far. This year’s mantra has been – the bigger the guns, the bigger the destruction, the bigger the box office success. And the creators of 777 Charlie deserve a pat on the back for believing that people would always respond to movies that offer a calmer experience of self-reflection on the absurdity of life.

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