Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t meet at Jubilee, the Sussexes had 15 minutes with the Queen

Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t meet at Jubilee, the Sussexes had 15 minutes with the Queen

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Put 15 minutes on the clock, please.

Attentive readers will recall that last Friday The Daily Beast reported that it was ‘highly unlikely’ that Queen Elizabeth would ‘attend a rumored first birthday party for her great-granddaughter Lilibet at Frogmore Cottage on Saturday’ .

Now it turns out that not only did the Queen not attend the party, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were only allowed a 15-minute “formal” audience with the monarch to present their baby Lilibet to her great-grandmother.


A source told the Sun“It was a quick in and out job. Everything was quite formal. The palace declined to comment. However, the claim matches the message the royalist heard repeatedly over the Jubilee weekend: that it was all about glorifying and venerating the Queen, and what Harry, Meghan or whoever wanted was a matter quite secondary.

No photograph has emerged of Lilibet with her grandmother, lending growing credence to the extraordinary claims that the palace effectively banned Harry and Meghan from taking such a photo for fear they would exploit it to bolster their royal credentials.

It certainly seems to have been a weekend that didn’t see any big gestures of reconciliation. The Sunday Times, for example, confirms rumors that have been circulating that William and Harry “didn’t spend any private time together during the Jubilee, and the shattered relationship isn’t about to be mended any time soon.” A friend, speaking about how Harry and Meghan left their royal roles and the actions that followed, said William was “still deeply upset and feeling disappointed, but he has moved on”.

As a royal analyst and former royal editor of the SunDuncan Larcombe memorably told The Daily Beast this week: “The Royals looked like they were offering an olive branch, but it turned out to be a baseball bat.

Queen was ‘overwhelmed’ in the Jubilee finale

Queen Elizabeth was left ‘in tears and overwhelmed with emotion’ during the finale of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the Daily Mail reports. However, she almost didn’t appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. A source told the Mail: “The Queen only decided she would be going to London about three hours before the balcony appearance. She was not feeling brilliant but the Prince of Wales had called her and told her she really had to come if she could. He told her that there were so many people desperate to see her and he convinced her to come.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When she arrived and realized the extent of public sentiment towards her, “The Queen was totally overwhelmed by the number of people waiting to see her – she had tears in her eyes before stepping out onto the balcony,” said said a source.

Expect to see less and less of the Queen, a source said. “Over time, the Queen will become a more virtual Queen again with digital appearances and video calls.”

Cambridges will move to Windsor

The irony of Prince William selling a homeless newspaper The big problem this week was not lost on The Daily Beast which headlined its article on the subject, “Prince William—Who Has 3 Houses—Cosplays as a Homeless Man for Charity.”

Well, it now turns out that the long-circulating rumors that William and Kate will be moving to Windsor are true, with The Sunday Times’ Roya Nikkhah, always well supplied, reports that the move will take place in time for the new academic year, with the couple moving to a house on the Windsor Estate before tackling Windsor Castle itself, as the Queen would say, “the fullness of time.”

Royal reporter Robert Jobson tweeted on Sunday that the move goes against much of what was said during the hugely expensive renovations to Kensington Palace.

William’s “deep sadness” at the reality of the succession

Nikkhah’s in-depth analysis of William at the age of 40 The Sunday Times, mentioned above, is essential reading. He quotes a ‘close aide’ saying William, who has appeared decidedly pensive about recent royal engagements, is not particularly looking forward to the next chapter of royal life.

“There is a sense of the future accelerating towards him, which is tinged with deep sadness – although he never says it publicly – because of the implication that his grandmother would no longer be there, the additional pressures on his father and family coming under even greater scrutiny.

Following Prince Louis’ role as a scene-stealer at the jubilee, the report adds a source’s comment that William and Kate “appreciate that the children have a big role in public life and they felt that the jubilee was an appropriate moment for them to be visible, bringing on top of that a nice dynamic that we didn’t all expect.

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Prince Andrew has left for Scotland. Maybe.

There’s an old royal tradition of sending troublesome family members far, far away. Edward VIII was sent to the Bahamas and then to Paris to keep him out of sight after his abdication, for example. It now looks like Prince Andrew could be sent to colder, more penitent Scotland.

The disgraced Duke – who on Monday will make what could be one of his last public appearances at the annual Order of the Garter gathering, which the Queen is not expected to attend – is the subject of palace intrigue for him find a new role.


A senior palace source told the Daily Mail“Obviously at some point there will soon be some thought about how to support the Duke as, away from the public eye, he is slowly looking to rebuild his life in another direction.”

The Mail says that while Andrew is “determined to keep his Royal Lodge estate” in Windsor “an option could be for him to rebuild his life in Scotland”. The careful juxtaposition of the two completely antithetical concepts suggests that First Prince Andrew may have heard of his plan, like everyone else, when he opens the diary.

The palace source added: “There is, of course, a real awareness and sensitivity to the feelings of the public. It is also recognized that the task of beginning to support him as he begins to rebuild his life will be the first step on a long road and one that should not be played out in the public spotlight every day.

In other words, get out, buddy.

Andrew an ‘absolute jerk’, says his former cottage owner

News of discussions over Andrew’s future comes as he was branded an ‘absolute lunatic’ by French socialite Isabelle de Rouvre, who recklessly allowed him to defer payment of millions of euros after buying his ski chalet in Verbier – and then had a nightmare extracting money from him.

De Rouvre spoke to the Telegraph after reports surfaced of another couple, who are Swiss, caught up in a legal row over an alleged debt from Andrew of around $2 million. They reportedly blocked the sale of the chalet, which might explain why it dragged on for so long. Moving vans were finally spotted there last week.

Ms de Rouvre, whose money was finally refunded this year, said the Duke and Duchess of York “are so mad”, adding: “He’s an absolute jerk and I just can’t understand how he lives his life I’m lucky that a deal was done and that’s the end of the deal for me I’m sick of all this… I don’t understand how it works and I’m really sorry for the people who are involved with him in business.

This week in royal history

Happy fourth birthday to Lena Tindall, daughter of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall this June 18!

Unanswered Questions

Why is Prince Andrew attending the Order of the Garter on Monday? Do the Queen and her royal advisers really think the public wants to see Prince Andrew return to public life?

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