Jared Leto talks about a “beautiful” friendship with Elizabeth Holmes

Jared Leto talks about a “beautiful” friendship with Elizabeth Holmes

Jared Leto and Elizabeth Holmes had a

Elizabeth Holmes and Jared Leto
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Of all the great Hollywood power players, Jared Leto seems like the most likely candidate to befriend a disgraced Silicon Valley healthcare startup CEO. Still, it’s pretty trippy to hear him talk about his relationship with Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

To be specific, Leto was pals with Holmes before she was dishonored, as he told Amanda Seyfried during their Variety Actors on Actors Conversation. Seyfried, as Holmes, Unnamed Leto in an episode of The stall in which the CEO brags about receiving a 30 Seconds to Mars Leader Award.

“I had heard her speak, before that, on stage. She was incredibly smart, and I met her after that. I liked him a lot,” Leto said, recalling his real-life interactions with Holmes. “She was really nice, really nice, and there was no indication that things weren’t going well in her life and in the business. And then I gave her an award.

“We kept in touch after that and spoke several times,” Leto added later. “But my experience with her has always been quite pleasant and charming, and I think what’s interesting about bringing a character to life, not everyone is a thing.”

Leto would know, because he’s not just an actor but also a rock star and sometimes cult leader. But his direct experience with Holmes actually seemed to make Seyfried a bit jealous: “As an actor, I care about my character. I’m there with her, as much as I can, as an actor, outside of her world, having nothing to do with her. I’m a little impressed by everyone who has spent time with her, because she will always be far from me. Because we weren’t allowed to meet.

Leto, who played the comrade fallen entrepreneur Adam Neumann in We crashed, replied, “Yes, I had a similar situation where I was not allowed to meet, but I did it anyway.” Always the rule breaker, Jared Leto. He’s ready to share the wealth, even though he’s no longer in contact with Holmes: “Do you want me to give you your number or something?” I could.”

“Now is not the time,” Seyfried decided. Well. Maybe one day they can all have a very strange meeting of minds.

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