Klay Thompson impersonator banned from Chase Center for life

Klay Thompson impersonator banned from Chase Center for life

Not Klay Thompson

Not Klay Thompson
Screenshot: Great Daws

If you’ve ever walked around your town and come across someone who looks like you, then you and Warriors guard Klay Thompson have something in common. Dawson Gurley toured the Bay Area, impersonating Thompson during the team championship racetricking people into thinking he’s actually the Warriors’ sniper.

Gurley’s scam worked so well that his hubris eventually got him into trouble. According to Gurley, he was banned for life from the Chase Center in San Francisco. Gurley says he went through several security checkpoints on the morning of Game 5 of the NBA Finals and found himself on the field taking jump shots. He even produced what looks like an official letter from one of the Warriors’ top security officials.

It’s hard to know if Gurley is serious or playing a prank, as he’s known over the years after casting the “fake Klay” persona. Gurley is a YouTuber who pranks people. It’s his thing. As of now, no one seems to know if this ban is real or another of Dawson’s plots to fool us all.

Deadspin has contacted Warriors and Chase Center security, but we haven’t received a response about it. The burning questions at hand are pretty obvious. Is Mr. Gurley the one who should be punished? And if so, isn’t a lifetime ban a bit harsh? And if he snuck past security, who took the picture of him in the field? After all, it’s security’s job to secure. And they failed at that as he made it all the way to court before anyone noticed.

Fake Klay simply took advantage of the opportunity given to him due to a lack of security. The fact that he passed through several security checkpoints without a second glance is amazing. I’m not advocating trespassing, but security at the NBA Finals should be more careful.

It will be a shame if this news is true, as Bay fans have come to love Gurley’s antics while impersonating Thompson. It looks like he managed to fool a few people with his fake Klay number. A fan didn’t have the heart to tell his sister that she met the fake Klay, not the real Klay, outside the Chase Center hours before Game 5 of the Finals.

If the Celtics can push this streak to seven games, we can determine if Gurley’s ban is real or fake.

[Update]: Deadspin received the following statement from the Warriors at 2:39 p.m. ET:

An individual impersonated a Warriors player in a deliberate attempt to gain access to unauthorized areas of Chase Center. These actions resulted in a lifetime ban from Chase Center and Kaiser Permanente Arena.

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