True Warriors ‘checkbook win’ would keep Andrew Wiggins

True Warriors ‘checkbook win’ would keep Andrew Wiggins

The Golden State Warriors could wrap up the NBA championship with a win over the Boston Celtics on Thursday night in Game 6 of the Finals.

If that happens, could this be Andrew Wiggins’ last game in a Warriors uniform? It’s a chilling prospect for Dubs fans, who have come to admire – even love – the man they call Wiggs. And to his teammates, who would lose a brother.

Wiggins was an expensive piece of the Warriors puzzle, and in the playoffs, especially in the Finals, he played so well that he could have been forgotten about the team.

Beautifully? Yes. In a slideshow of the Chronicle photographers’ work, some shots of Wiggins appear out of frame. Look closer, though, and you see Wiggins’ body is at dramatic, dynamic angles, like a motorcycle racer leaning into the curve, because he’s playing with bizarre athleticism.

The Celtics are advertised as a much more athletic team than the Warriors, but in the Finals, no one is more athletic than Andrew Wiggins. Or surpass it. He has long been remarkably athletic, but this season Wiggins has tapped into a deeper well of will, putting his incredible physical talent on full display.

Wiggins’ contribution to the Warriors is so significant that there’s buzz he’d be considering Finals MVP consideration. It’s an overreaction, but Wiggins-inspired play makes that at least plausible.

A parallel and disturbing buzz is the growing fear among Warriors fans, and no doubt Warriors players, that this could be the case for Wiggins.

This offseason, Golden State owner Joe Lacob and general manager Bob Myers will have to decide which players to keep and which to let go, because it would be prohibitively expensive to keep everyone.

Wiggins? Gary Payton II? Kevon Looney? Otto Porter Jr? Jordan Poole? Pick and choose who you will divert from the lifeboat.

But here’s an idea: Keep everybody. Starting with Wiggins.

It will require a ton of cash beyond next season, which he is under contract for. We just checked the latest Forbes rankings, and that’s exactly how much money Lacob has.

If the Warriors win the NBA Finals, Lacob and Myers — and head coach Steve Kerr and the players — will have achieved a miracle, a championship for the ages.

There will be a glorious parade, then Lacob and Myers will start figuring out which players to get rid of. GP-Two, good luck and thanks for stopping by. Wiggs, please accept this engraved gravy boat as a token of our appreciation for your service.

Wiggins, of course, will be the center of attention. He raised his game and willingly made it part of the Warriors’ master plan.

When the Warriors picked up Wiggins in February 2020, he was a perennial NBA All-Underachiever First Team selection. Now his teammates and his coach love him. But the Warriors will either have to sign him to a max deal or trade him before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2023.

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