WWE boss Vince McMahon allegedly paid  million in silent money to cover up affair

WWE boss Vince McMahon allegedly paid $3 million in silent money to cover up affair

The separation agreement, which was reportedly reached in January, bars the unnamed former employee “from discussing or disparaging her relationship with Mr. McMahon”, according to the Journal.

The investigation began in April and “uncovered other, older nondisclosure agreements involving allegations of former WWE employees of misconduct on the part of Mr. McMahon,” the Journal said. Other allegations of misconduct were reportedly found against John Laurinaitis, the company’s head of talent relations.

WWE’s board of directors received an email on March 30 alleging that McMahon, who is 76, hired the employee “for a salary of $100,000 but increased it to $200,000 after he started a sexual relationship with her. The email also alleges that McMahon gave the former employee, who is 41 and was hired as a paralegal, as “a plaything” to Mr. Laurinaitis.

WWE did not immediately return CNN’s request for comment on this story.

However, in a statement to the Journal, a company spokesperson said WWE was cooperating with the investigation and that McMahon’s relationship with the former employee was consensual.

The Journal notes that WWE’s board of directors is made up of WWE executives and even members of McMahon’s own family. This includes his daughter Stephanie McMahon as well as Paul Levesque, her husband and former wrestler who goes by the stage name, Triple H. McMahon has majority shareholder voting rights.

McMahon has been an integral part of WWE for decades, both behind the scenes and in the ring.

The CEO helped turn the company into a media powerhouse, which currently has deals with Fox and NBCUniversal. McMahon also helped create many famous wrestlers, like The Rock, John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin, who became bigger than the WWE (WWE) himself.

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