Breakup: Deal done!  Bayern Munich sign Sadio Mane from Liverpool + transfer fee breakdown + confirmation

Breakup: Deal done! Bayern Munich sign Sadio Mane from Liverpool + transfer fee breakdown + confirmation

Big news from Sky Sports. According to them, Bayern Munich are set to offer 50m euros (around £42.5m) for Liverpool striker Sadio Mane. The Senegalese star has been identified by the Bavarians as a top target this summer, and it looks like the bosses have seen fit to shell out handsomely to secure his services.

This report comes courtesy of Football Daily, and you can watch their video below:

Today was always going to be a big day for Mane’s transfer as many reputable Liverpool journalists reported details of a new offer submitted this Friday. According to The Times’ Paul Joyce, a delegation from Munich was due to meet in Liverpool for face-to-face talks today, reportedly over Mane’s transfer. According to Joyce, the fact that the English club were ready to meet Salihamidzic for talks indicates that he is ready to go through with the transfer.

Between these reports, we can assume that Bayern Munich have indeed increased their offer, but whether the €50m is accurate remains to be seen. That would make the deal sky-high by Bayern standards – at 30, Sadio Mane would become the club’s third most expensive signing after Lucas Hernandez and Leroy Sane. Considering his salary package is also expected to be huge, it shows the faith Bayern bosses have in the Senegalese star.

So where do we go from here? If this is the offer Liverpool wanted, then expect things to move very quickly. Hopefully the saga won’t drag on much longer and Julian Nagelsmann will get his favorite target soon enough to join the squad for pre-season. As Robert Lewandowski agitates for a move to Barcelona this summer, a signed statement like Sadio Mane could put the entire Bayern Munich setup – managers, coach, players and fans – at ease.


Even Romano says it’s only a matter of time.

Notably, he is yet to confirm the transfer fee.

Update #2

Plettenberg says it’s done, and for less than 40 million euros!

Update #3

Here is Paul Joyce’s report on the transfer fee breakdown. Its sources come directly from LFC, so don’t expect the fees to be higher than that.

Update #4

Brazzo confirms that Mane is coming to Munich! Rejoice!

If you want some thoughts on Sadio Mane’s imminent arrival in Munich, check out our weekend warm-up podcast:

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