Cubs Play Spoiler, Contreras is the leader, Rendon Season Over and Other Cubs Bullets

Cubs Play Spoiler, Contreras is the leader, Rendon Season Over and Other Cubs Bullets

Even in a season like this, even after a losing streak like that…the Cubs win still has such an impact on my mood. It’s wildly unhealthy, but I enjoyed the ride last night! And the departure of Keegan Thompson still thrills me.

  • The Cubs really played the role of spoiler yesterday:
  • Oh, too? You gotta like Willson Contreras sprinting to the plate as soon as Christopher Morel hit that fly ball and then VERY AGGRESSIVELY directing Jonathan Villar on where to slide.
  • You can also see it in the way he is with his teammates, and the things he says (NBC): “I don’t want to put the cameras on me because I say it. I’m just trying to elevate this team because losing sucks. I know losing sucks, but the only thing that can change is your attitude. If you’re having a bad day but your attitude is right, you’re going to end up having a good day like we did today. It’s not about me, it’s about the Cubs. It’s about this team and I love my team.
  • Big day for Willson today too:
  • I wonder if we’ll get a roster change before today’s game, or if the Cubs will go day-to-day on Frank Schwindel and his back. Unlike so many other possible injury situations, this one is pretty clean in terms of changing the roster, if necessary: ​​you just put Schwindel on the IL and call Alfonso Rivas.
  • Fun fact about Caleb Kilian’s cutter and slider – they’re not really two different heights. From Kilian’s point of view, it doesn’t really launch a cursor yet:
  • The soft knife there certainly looks like a slider, but maybe not great. The cutter is a very good pitcher when he can command it, which he couldn’t do in two starts. Kilian should leave next week against the Pirates.
  • David Bote is back in Iowa for rehab:
  • Nice Father’s Day moment right here (shared by dad):
  • Oooooof for Anthony Rendon and the Angels, once again:
  • A four to six month recovery from wrist surgery for Rendon, 32, and you wonder what will happen to him in the years to come. Structural wrist injuries in hitters can look like structural shoulder injuries in pitchers: a degradation to the limit of physical capacity so that you are “able” to continue playing, but you are no longer never the same. What a disaster that signing was. Rendon, who owes a $35 million AAV through 2026, was good in the pandemic season and then completely mediocre for his partial seasons in 2021 and now 2022. His ability to make really tough contacts has evaporated in thirties.
  • These performance and injury issues are among the risks of monster contracts for players, especially those in their 30s. You need to (1) be very careful who you pick, (2) get a little lucky, (3) understand that the best years are likely to come early, and (4) be able to not see contract crippling your budget in case something goes wrong. (The Cubs should tick all of those boxes this offseason by looking at the shortstop class, as well as some of the top starting pitchers.)

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