This Surprise Death in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Created a Missed Opportunity

This Surprise Death in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Created a Missed Opportunity

Obi Wan Kenobi Episode 5 spoilers follow.

In a show that revolves around the iconic star wars characters like Ben, Anakin, Leia, and even Luke, it says a lot that someone new like Tala Durith (Indira Varma) has become a fan favorite in Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Originally conceived as a love interest for Obi-Wan (according to Weekly entertainment), Tala’s shtick as a rebel in disguise quickly won us over in the first five episodes.

Time and again, Tala used her Imperial credentials to help save Force-sensitive people to escape the wrath of the Inquisitors, and once Obi-Wan entered the picture, she helped him again. and again, always at the risk of his life.

In fact, it’s safe to say that Ben wouldn’t even be alive now without Tala, which makes it impossible to imagine this show without her. But imagine we have to, because now, after the events of episode five, Indira Varma’s time on Obi Wan Kenobi is not anymore.

After Reva breaks through Obi-Wan’s defenses, she and the Imperial scum under her command attack our beloved rebels. Overwhelmed by Stormtroopers, our heroes find their prospects quite dire until Tala, being the selfless person that she is, decides to make the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone.

“May the force be with you,” says Tala, which acts as a message to Ben, but also a warning to their enemies as Obligate of his bomb completely devastates them. Yes, she just got shot, but despite everything, her mind is still on others. That’s queen shit right there.

And that’s why it’s so hard to reckon with Tala’s death. Despite her lack of powers or status, Tala is an ordinary person who is willing to risk anything for justice. In many ways, people like her, those who stand up against evil no matter what, are the true heroes of this franchise.

It’s no wonder fans were so quickly drawn to Tala, and it’s no wonder those fans talked so much about her tragic demise. Of course, we all saw it coming after she gave that rousing speech for Ben — “Some things you can’t forget. But you can fight to make them better.” But still, Tala had a lot more to give.

To be fair, we understand why the writers made this choice. Given Obi Wan Kenobi up in the timeline, it’s not exactly easy to up the ante in terms of the story because we already know that the main characters are all going to survive those six episodes (which is why that Leia torture scene from the episode four was particularly boring and pointless).

So someone new was clearly going to kill him to give Obi Wan Kenobi more weight and meaning. But did it have to be Tala who died? Especially in the episode where Reva’s journey becomes so important too?

The character of Indira Varma really had the potential to become someone iconic if given more screen time. But at least we’ll still have those five episodes. As Tala herself told Ben, “Some things you can’t forget.” And when the show is over, this rebel spy will undoubtedly be at the top of the list.

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