WWE Rumor Roundup – The Real Reason Brock Lesnar Returned, 10-Time Freed Champion, Major Name and Stephanie McMahon Don’t Like Each Other

WWE Rumor Roundup – The Real Reason Brock Lesnar Returned, 10-Time Freed Champion, Major Name and Stephanie McMahon Don’t Like Each Other

It’s been an incredibly busy week for those in and around WWE. Several unforeseen circumstances made the rounds and the industry was shocked by some of the stories surrounding the company.

Stephanie McMahon has assumed the role of WWE CEO and interim president amid allegations against her father. However, Vince McMahon’s daughter wouldn’t get along with a big name behind the scenes, and we have all the details on the explosive story.

Brock Lesnar also returned to SmackDown to reprise his ongoing storyline with Roman Reigns. What prompted Vince McMahon to put Lesnar back on television? An insightful behind-the-scenes report from Fightful gave us all the answers.

WWE’s latest rumor roundup ends with multiple sources confirming the release of an established superstar.

#1. Behind-the-scenes news on Brock Lesnar’s return

As seen on SmackDown, Brock Lesnar has returned to set up a SummerSlam matchup against Roman Reigns. While there was mostly negative reaction to the creative direction, the promotion reportedly had a reason for the change in plans, as reported by Fightful.

Randy Orton was originally scheduled to face the tribal leader at SummerSlam. However, The Viper will soon undergo surgery and will be out of action for the rest of the year.

Officials began working on Brock Lesnar’s return once it became clear Orton wouldn’t be able to wrestle. It should be noted that getting Brock Lesnar back was not a reactionary decision after the investigation against Vince McMahon.

Fightful said plans for Lesnar’s next match were confirmed backstage three weeks ago. While The Beast Incarnate was not part of the internal recap sheet on SmackDown, word began to spread about its appearance at 5 PM EST.

Lesnar took on Reigns after this week’s SmackDown main event and presented the undisputed WWE Universal Champion. The perennial rivals will square off at SummerSlam 2022, and the reactions to the match announcement weren’t favorable, to say the least.

#2. WWE has finally released Sasha Banks

Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri reported on June 15 that the company had agreed to Sasha Banks’ release. While Banks was expected to leave the company, sources behind the scenes could not confirm the report at the time.

WrestleVotes recently posted an update and verified Raj Giri’s claim. As it stands, Sasha Banks is no longer a WWE Superstar.

“Word from backstage on SmackDown tonight is that @TheRajGirl’s report is indeed accurate, according to multiple sources. Sasha Banks has been released from her WWE contract,” WrestleVotes revealed.

The word behind the scenes on SmackDown tonight is that the report of @TheRajGiri is indeed accurate according to several sources. Sasha Banks has been released from her WWE contract.

Reddit insider kerrmit125 has told many accurate stories in the past and noted that the 10-time champion was actually released “a few weeks ago”. Although Sasha Banks is apparently done with the business, there is still no news on Naomi’s current status.

WWE has not released an official statement on Banks’ departure, nor is it clear if she has a 90-day non-compete clause in her contract. The Legit Boss, however, has already received a huge challenge from a major AEW star.

#3. Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Dunn don’t get along

Stephanie McMahon will serve as the interim CEO and President of WWE until the high-profile investigation against Vince McMahon is completed. However, Stephanie might face some challenges in her new role as she is reportedly not on good terms with longtime executive Kevin Dunn.

Brandon Thurston revealed on Busted Open Radio that Stephanie McMahon and Dunn “don’t like each other”.

Kevin Dunn has worked for Vince McMahon for several decades and is also the company’s head of global television distribution. His issues with Stephanie McMahon are well known behind the scenes, as Thurston stated below:

“I know Stephanie is going to be interim CEO, but I’ve heard a lot of people say that Stephanie and Kevin Dunn, for example, don’t like each other. And as long as someone like Kevin Dunn has a job in WWE , it seems to be aimed at the public, looking at some of the titles I see in mainstream media today, I think WWE gets the answer in the titles they want,” Thurston said. [H/T WrestlingInc]

Stephanie McMahon has her work cut out as she seeks to stabilize the ship. Initial feedback on Stephanie’s appointment has been positive, and it will be interesting to see if she has a significant impact on the evolution of the product.

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