9-1-1 fans rush to support Jennifer Love Hewitt after spotting her heartbreaking Instagram

9-1-1 fans rush to support Jennifer Love Hewitt after spotting her heartbreaking Instagram

Photo credit: Chelsea Guglielmino

Photo credit: Chelsea Guglielmino

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9-1-1 star Jennifer Love Hewitt has been heartbroken over the past decade, and she takes the time to talk about it.

In a recent Instagram post, the I know what you did last summer the actress revealed that it had been 10 years since her mother Patricia died of cancer. Sharing a photo of herself sitting side by side with her mother, Jennifer confessed that the birthday made her feel “raw” and she still carries the grief with her today.

“Today marks 10 years since I lost my best friend,” she captioned the photo. “Someone told me after losing my mother that the first year would seem impossible, the following years would strengthen me and the 10-year mark would be an open wound again. Because it would be foolish to have been without her that they were right. Today it’s very raw. I’ll never forget not doing it to say goodbye.”

In the caption, Jennifer also detailed some of the hardest times she’s faced since losing her mother, including accidentally calling her during the hardest days and hoping to see her face upon entering the former home of Patricia. Although she acknowledges how difficult the journey has been, the ghost whisperer the actress opened up about the impact Patricia has had on her family’s life.

“Today I’m going to celebrate her because I know she helped me start my family. My amazing kids and a wonderful man who helps me every day to create our little unit,” Jennifer continued. “She knew it’s all I ever wanted. And I know she’s with us every day. I’m going to eat and drink her favorite things today. The kids and I are going to look at pictures of Mimi and all her adventures and I will be so grateful that she was mine if only for a moment. I love you mom. Always and forever.

In response, fans not only praised her bravery, but rushed to support her during this difficult time. “I send you a big hug, ❤️” actress Lindsay Award wrote in the comments section of the Instagram post. “What a great way to celebrate your mom 🤍 by sending love,” one fan replied. Another fan found a way to sum up all of our thoughts into one perfect response: “Beautiful words ❤️ I’m sure she’s incredibly proud of the woman you are, the joy you bring to people who don’t care about you. don’t know and the incredible Mom you are inspired by her.”

Our thoughts are with you, Jennifer.

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